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Batch-Convert XLSX To XLS Without MS Excel Or An Online Converter

When Microsoft released Office 2007, all the users faced one common problem; the format in which files were saved by default was not compatible with previous versions of Office. The newer version saved documents in a different file format, which could not be viewed or edited in previous versions. Microsoft had to face a lot of criticism because of this, since a large number of users do not upgrade to a newer version of the software immediately after it is released. A lot of third party applications, as well as web services, were created in order to facilitate users in converting Office files to formats supported by the older version. Previously, we compiled a list of simple ways to convert MS Excel 2007 (XLSX) files to the older version (XLX), but those methods either require you to have Microsoft Excel 2007 installed on your system, or have an internet connection available every time you want to convert a file. Convert XLS is a Windows application that allows you to convert XLSX to XLS without MS Excel or access to the internet.

The interface of the application is rather cluttered in my opinion, but it provides you with a lot of options to convert files from one format to another. The actions which users can perform are separated into three panes: Select Action To Do, Select Input File/Folder and Format to Convert and Select Output File/ Folder and Format to Convert to. The first pane, Select Action To Do, lets you select if you want to simply convert files or perform Special Processing on Files, such as copy specified data from one sheet to another, change cell contents or rename sheet. The second pane, Select Files/Folders To Process, allows you to choose the files you wish to convert and the Conversion Method, while the third pane, labelled Select Output File/ Folder And Format To Convert To, lets you choose the Output format and folder. To convert a file, select the file, specify all the settings and click the Convert button at the top.

'Convert XLS' - [Comprehensive XLS Conversion.  Command Line Able.]

The only problem with Convert XLS is its interface. All elements are stocked up in a very small place and the interface looks very cluttered. It can definitely use a better-designed interface, but we did not run into any problems regarding its functionality. Convert XLS works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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