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BBC iPlayer Downloader

iPlayer Downloader is a nifty little app that can download DRM-free video(h.264) and audio(mp3) files from the BBC iPlayer service by pretending to be an iPhone. Downloading video from BBC iPlayer has been the toughest piece to crack and Paul Battley solves the problem by making an app that pretends to be an iPhone, a method that is both witty and clever.

You simply need to enter the Programme ID and choose the location of the output. When all is ready, hit Download. Since BBC iPlayer is available in UK only, this app is suited for viewers living in UK or have UK IP address.

iPlayer Downloader

It won’t be able to download every programme on iPlayer website since they are not always available. 3rd party videos embedded and locked content can’t be downloaded. Having said that, you can download almost every other program. Most users who have tried it are having success downloading various programmes in HD video(h.264).

Note: If you get either Msvcp71.dll or Msvcr71.dll missing error, here is the guide to fix it.

Download iPlayer Downloader

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. It is also available for Mac. For more, also check out iDownload.


  1. By the way, I don’t consider that this method was illegal – I had a UK TV licence for the duration of my stay in Thailand, Jumbofiles is a private site (so no one else could download the files, so it’s not filesharing), & I was the only person viewing the files on my phone.

  2. I’m using ExpatShield. Even though i can view all iplayer content with my browser from mainland europe, I cannot download with the iplayer downloader.
    Does anybody know the trick or have an alternative?

  3. The downloader doesn’t work for me now. It opens a box saying ‘There is no page for this programme. This probably means that the programme does not exist.’

    I simply copied the full address of the video into programme ID, was that wrong?

  4. It makes me laugh when people brag about living abroad and then moan about missing the creature comforts of home. Makes you wonder why they bother leaving in the first place if they miss things that much. And as for paying your tv licence and then whining that you cant get BBC out of the country…..well, you probably also pay road tax too…….but you dont expect to take the british roads with you, or expect to drive on them from abroad, do you? Just because you pay for something to be available to you in the UK, why should you whine about those benefits not following you around the world? Makes no sense.

    • What a bonehead. I suppose your the kind of person who eats chinese or indian food or pizza? If so, why not move to China, India or Italy yout twatt. You argument is pathetic.
      Britain in most part is turning into an over populated toilet with too many turds in it. So that is why people leave for a better life. Does not mean we cannot stop watching some of the best bits from the UK.

    • I’m abroad and get all the BBC content via proxy, that’s why your license fee is so high, so thanks Mug.

    • Yep – but do you know how much we pay in the UK for BBC content? If you wish to pay my TV licence then I'd be happy for you to view all the content!

    • So why not let people subscribe? I'm British and currently living in London, but I have a home in NZ and I too find it annoying that I cannot get the BBC content while I'm in NZ – I'm British, I pay for a license, and I STILL can't get it.

      There are a few “technical” work arounds for this, but I shouldn't have to do anything to get access to content I am already paying for.

    •  Oh fuck you, do you think that people would stop generating content if you stopped paying for your fucking license fee, the fucking pittance that it is. 
      Get over yourself. Am I bovvered? 

    •  You sir, are a moron.
      The license fee is not a pittance, and the content that it pays for is generally of a far higher standard than that paid for by advertising revenue on the commercial channels. I suggest you take your own advice and “get over yourself”

    • Install Anchor Free (google this, its a trial IP hider says something about “frees the internet” – it lets you access websites all over the world). Set a system restore (google this – for your version of Windows) before you Install Anchor Free. Try Iplayer downloader then. Make sure you put computer back to restore point you created before installing Anchor Free as Anchor Free may install loads of junk (adverts) with along with itself.

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