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Browse Files & Folders From Within Notepad++ With Explorer [Plugin]

Notepad++ is a popular open source text editor, which supports many programming languages and can be used as an alternative to Windows Notepad. Explorer is a file exploring plugin for Notepad++ which provides a tree view for files and folders, allows viewing favorites, provides filtering and sorting options.

This plugin can either be installed by downloading the DLL file or by going to Notepad++ Plugins –> Plugin Manager –> Show Plugin Manager. Once you enter the plugin manager, scroll down, select Explorer from the list and click Install.

Notepad   Explorer

Once installed, you can enable/disable Explorer options from  Plugins –> Explorer. For example, you can enable Favorites, the tree view pane, go to a specific file path, clear filters and configure advanced plugin options.


This plugin allows you to perform many common tasks within Notepad++, such as file and folder creation within a secondary pane. Viewing and managing files from a separate pane can be quite helpful when one is dealing with a large amount of folders and sub-folders. The filter box at the bottom makes it easy to find files by their extension. If you enable favorites view, a list of your bookmarked files and folders are displayed. This way, you can easily import HTML pages from bookmarks for editing.


Explorer options (accessible from Plugins –> Explorer) allow grouping files by extension, viewing hidden files and icons.

Explorer options

Explorer plugin for Notepad++ works with version 4.0 and higher.

Download Explorer Plugin for Notepad++

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