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Burn Test Your Intel Core 2 Duo/Core 2 Quad CPU With IntelBurnTest=

So you bought a new Intel processor and want to burn test it to check how it can handle the load stress? IntelBurnTest is a free tool for Windows that checks for system stability much faster than Prime95. This is because it uses Intel’s own stress-testing tool called Linpack and simplifies it’s usage. Instead of taking 40 hours under Prime95, the stress test under Linpack takes less than 8 minutes. The tests are more accurate when performed under 64-bit Windows OS.

Author’s Caution: Not for beginning overclockers. This program WILL stress the CPU, Memory, North Bridge, and other system components to their highest extent! Make sure your PC is properly cooled and ventilated!

Once you run the program, it will show you the Mode, along with the available RAM in your system. Choose the Stress Level, Number of Threads, the number of times you want it to run and click Start.

intel cpu burn test - stress level

Once the test is complete, it will then display the time, speed(gflops), and the results. To understand what it means please read the ReadMe file that comes with this tool. You must have a minimum of 512MB system memory to perform a test, but 1GB memory is recommended.

I have only testing this program on my Core 2 Duo CPU, so I don’t know how it will fare with other processors. According to the developer this tool will bring all CPUs to their knees. It works on all versions of Windows, both 32-bit and 64-bit are supported.

Download IntelBurnTest


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