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Check If Hard Disk Requires Defragmentation With O&O SpeedCheck

After using your PC for a long time, you might feel that it has slowed down a bit. You can notice that it takes more time to start programs, open folders and access file than necessary. One of the reasons can be that a process, or certain services and running in the background eating up a major potion of the system resources. Background processes and services, however, are not always the reason for the PC slowing down. Hard disk fragmentation is another one of the many reasons that can cause a PC to slow down. Fragmentation means that a piece of data is stored into many pieces which are not close together. Defragmenting your hard drive can speed up the system, as it rearranges the file fragments in contiguous order. O&O SpeedCheck is a portable tool which simulates reading files from fragmented and defragmented sectors of hard disk. The application compares the time it takes for reading data from fragmented and defragmented sectors and shows the possible performance boost that can be achieved after defragmentation.

Almost every disk defragmentation utility, even the native Windows one, includes an Analysis option that allows users to check if the hard disk needs to be defragmented or not. This tool is not a replacement for the Analysis option, however it can be used in addition to that option in order to know how much difference will defragmenting the drive will actually make.

The application presents a simple wizard, which guides you through the whole process. Before you click Run to begin the test, close all the application running in background.

O&O SpeedCheck Start

First, O&O SpeedCheck will perform five runs of reading fragmented files followed by five runs of reading defragmented files. Then, it will calculate the time taken for both simulations. The main window will display everything happening in real time. You can see the Phase of simulation, Run number, File number, size og Bytes read and Elapsed Time.

O&O SpeedCheck Fragmented Time

Once done, it will calculate the time difference between both runs and display the possible increase in data access speed that can be achieved after defragmentation. You can decide if you need to defragment your hard disk or not based on these results.

O&O SpeedCheck Done

During testing, we found a interface specific glitch; the Run button goes blank once you start the program. We hope that the developer will fix this issue in next release. The application runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download O&O SpeedCheck

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