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How To Sync Google Chrome Bookmarks

The Google Chrome Releases blog has just announced another addition to Google Chrome browser, Bookmarks. Now you can sync your Chrome bookmarks with other Chrome browsers through a Google Account. Follow the steps below to enable bookmarks syncing.

First right-click your Chrome desktop icon and go to Properties. Add “–enable-sync” at the end of the target URL as shown in the screenshot below.

enable chrome sync

Now launch Google Chrome, click the Wrench icon and select Sync My Bookmarks.

sync chrome bookmarks

This will open a new bookmarks window where you have to enter your Google Account details.

sync my bookmarks

Once done, click Sign In and it will enable syncing in Chrome. The sync will only take place if you have entered the same Google Account details on every Chrome browser.

Note: This syncing feature has been released in latest Chrome Dev Channel Release This shows the next version of Google Chrome will have bookmarks syncing capability by default.


Via Google Chrome Releases Blog

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