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CinemaDrape Lets You Focus And Get Things Done

Do you get distracted by other items on your browser window when you’re watching a video clip on YouTube? How about you’re making an important assignment using Word and hate it when a new message window pop ups from the task bar? You’re not alone. Everyone gets to do something that requires focus but distraction becomes the biggest enemy.

CinemaDrape is a small but useful tool that lets you focus on any one area you want on your computer screen. Start the program, the background will automatically get dimmed, and you’ll get a drape like frame which you can move, resize, and place anywhere on the screen. By right-clicking anywhere on the frame, you’ll get a context  menu where you can tweak settings for optimized use. For instance, you can change the color of drape, increase/decrease opacity, and select up to nice selection areas on your screen.


The best thing about CinemaDrape is you no longer have to manually clean up your work screen or close other opened windows. You just get rid of distracting visual elements like unnecessary windows, applications, cluttered desktop, and much more so you can fully focus on the work at hand.

screen drape

It is a portable tool that starts directly from the EXE file. After you are done using it, just press Esc and you’ll be out.


This application runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista & Windows 7. If you’re using XP, .Net 2.0 Runtime is required for it to function properly.

Download CinemaDrape

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