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How to Make Concrete in Minecraft

Concrete does not spawn naturally in Minecraft. It is an item that must be craftedUsing sand, gravel, and any color dye, you can create a concrete powder. From there, you can add water to create a concrete block. 

Using concrete is an inexpensive way to build strong and colorful structures. But be careful – concrete doesn’t offer great blast resistance, so it won’t withstand an explosive blast very well. However, unlike wool, it isn’t flammable. 

concrete in minecraft

How to Make Concrete in Minecraft

In order to make concrete blocks, you will need to collect your materials, create concrete power, and then add your concrete powder to water. 


To create concrete powder, you’ll need: 

  • 4 blocks of sand
  • 4 blocks of gravel
  • dye of the color you want the block to be

Concrete Dye in Minecraft

Concrete can be crafted in 16 colors using dye. The available colors and their dye ingredients are listed below.

  • Black dye: ink sac (from squid) or whiter rose in crafting table
  • Blue dye: lapis lazuli or cornflower in crafting table
  • Brown dye: cocoa beans in crafting table
  • Cyan dye: blue dye and green dye or lapis lazuli and green dye in crafting table
  • Green dye: cook cactus in furnace
  • Grey dye: black dye and white dye or ink sac and white dye in crafting table.
  • Light blue dye: blue orchid in crafting table
  • Light gray dye: azure bluet, oxeye daisy, or white tulip in crafting table
  • Lime green dye: cook sea cucumber in furnace
  • Magenta: lilac or allium, or purple dye and pink dye, or red dye and blue dye and pink dye, or red dye and blue dye and white dye in crafting table
  • Orange dye: orange tulip in crafting table or combine yellow and red dye in crafting table
  • Pink dye: peony or pink tulip, or red and white dye in crafting table
  • Purple dye: blue dye and red dye, or red dye and lapis lazuli in crafting table
  • Red dye: poppy, red tulip, beetroot, or rose bush in crafting table 
  • White dye: bonemeal or lily of the valley in crafting table
  • Yellow dye: dandelion or sunflower in crafting table

Tip: Concrete has to be a color. You can use white or grey colors if you do not want anything bright but you cannot remove dye from the recipe. Unlike glass which can be crafted to have no color, and later dyed if a user wants, concrete does not have a ‘no color’ option.

How to Create Concrete Powder

The recipe for concrete powder is ‘shapeless’ meaning it doesn’t matter what order the items are placed in. You can add sand, gravel, and dye in any arrangement in the crafting table matrix (see image below).

This will create concrete powders. 

How to Create Concrete 

Once you have created your concrete powder, you can bring it to a body of water to create concrete. Place the concrete powder into the water and it will immediately harden. Then, mine the concrete using a pickaxe and a concrete block will appear. From there, you can bring it wherever you would like to start building. 

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