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Connectify – Convert Windows 7 Into Virtual WiFi Router

The Ad-Hoc Connection was first introduced in Windows Vista. We covered a complete guide on creating your own Ad-Hoc connection. This type of connection allowed users to share internet connection with other users quickly, thus creating a sort of WiFi. You can create this ad-hoc connection in Windows 7 as well.

But Microsoft has now added an additional software layer called “Virtual WiFi” in Windows 7 that allows one WiFi adapter to connect to multiple WiFi Hotspots. But it doesn’t end here, the best thing is that you can now connect to multiple wireless networks and at the same time share the connection with other computers users as well.

Connectify is the first app to take advantage of “Virtual WiFi” layer in Windows 7 and allows users to quickly connect to multiple networks and also share the connections with others.

So this must be Ad-Hoc mode? No, because it turn your computer into a real WiFi Access Point. This means that any computer that can connect to regular WiFi access point can also connect to Connectify running on your computer. All this is done without any additional hardware or software installed.


Please note that not every WiFi device supports Virtual WiFi at the moment. Some wireless device manufacturers will soon update their drivers to make it “Virtual WiFi” compatible. If not, then you can expect every new Windows 7 compatible wireless cards to come with Virtual WiFi support.

Download Connectify

The app is still in beta so you might some some small bugs. It is developed exclusively for Windows 7 and will not work with any other Windows. Both 32-bit and 64-bit are supported. Enjoy!

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