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How to convert a GIF to a video

Generally, people need a way to convert videos to GIFs or to record GIFs instead of having to convert videos to the format. There is no shortage of tools that can convert a video to a GIF but finding a user-friendly app that can convert a GIF to a video isn’t easy. If you need to convert a GIF to a video, for whatever reason, we have two app suggestions for you to try.

GIF to video

VirtualDub is a pretty old app; it was last updated in 2014; however, you will find that it still works great. The app is hosted on SourceForge, which is where you have to download it from. This app works perfectly on Windows 10 1809.

You need the GIF you intend to convert on hand. Extract the zipped file you downloaded from SourceForge and run the VirtualDub.exe file inside it.

Go to File>Open video file. Open the Files of type dropdown and select GIF from it. You will then be able to select the GIF file in the Open dialog box.

Once you have the file open, you can convert it to a video. Go to File>Save as AVI. This will convert the GIF to AVI, which is a video format.

AVI isn’t exactly as popular as the MP4 format, but the AVI file will play on most devices. That said, if you don’t want the file to be in AVI format, you can find an online converter that can convert it to MP4. You do want to go for a good quality video converter if the GIF itself is of good quality.

If VirtualDub isn’t doing the trick for you, you can use one of my favorite GIF recording apps; Screen2GIF.

This app can convert a GIF to video because it can record and save in both formats. Download and run the app. On the File tab, click Load and select the GIF you want to convert. Once the GIF opens, click the Save as button on the same tab.

Select Video from the panel on the right. Give the output file a name and select the output directory. The app will save it. This app also saves it as an AVI file; however, if you install FFMPEG, and add it to Path Environment Variables, you will be able to save it to other formats.

Those are two good desktop apps that you can use. There are web apps that can convert a GIF to video, so if you don’t like the above two apps, web apps will do the trick.

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