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Convert And Check Standard IPv6 Formats With IPv6 Address Converter

Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is a version of the Internet Protocol that is designed to be the successor of IPV4 addresses. As IPv4 addresses reach exhaustion, IPv6 will soon become a viable alternative. Previously we reviewed,  Bitcricket IP Subnet Calculator which provides easy IPv4 and IPv6 related calculations. However, it does not contain an option for converting between the many standard IPv6 formats for Internet Protocol Version 6 addresses. IPv6 Address Convertor is a simple tool that converts IPv6 addresses between the many standard forms.

This can be quite useful for system and network administrators to easily convert IPv6 addresses to or from compressed, preferred, expanded and DNS reverse nibble formats. This makes it easy to calculate various IPv6 representations in a single click, instead of going through tricky and time consuming calculations.

To convert an IPv6 address, enter it in the text box and click Convert. Numerous associated forms such as compressed, expanded, preferred and reverse nibble will be automatically calculated.

IPv6 Address Converter

Download IPV6 Address Calculator

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