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How to create a list of all items in a folder on Windows 10

An index is always useful and sometimes you need one for folders. There’s nothing stopping you from creating a list of  files and folders inside; it involves a lot of copying and pasting file names into text file. If you’re looking for an easier way to create a list of all items in a folder, give Folder Manifest a try.

Folder Manifest will do the basic job of creating a list of all the items in a folder however, it also has additional features that can add additional information such as the date and time, and size of each item next to it. The only thing it doesn’t do is create a text file that you can export everything to. In the end, you will have to copy the whole list to a text file yourself but it’s still less tedious and time consuming than having to do it for each file.

List of items in folder

Download and install Folder Manifest. It adds a handy option to the context menu of a folder. Right-click the folder you want to create an item list of and select the Folder Manifest option.

The app will open listing everything that’s in the folder. If some items i.e., sub-folders are missing, make sure you’ve enabled the ‘Show Subfolder Names’ option. The other options that you can enable with the file and folder names are time stamps, a size stamp, and the complete path to the files and folders in it. This is all optional so you can select ‘File name only’ and then copy everything in the pane to a text file.

Once you have the app open, you can click the Change button and and select a different folder to create an index for. If you’ve added new files and/or folders to the selected folder, you can click ‘Refresh’ and the app will fetch a fresh list of items.

Folder Manifest can list all files inside sub-folders but it won’t list the name of those sub-folders. To work around this, try using the ‘Full path listing’ option. It will add the complete path for each item allowing you to tell which files are in a different folder and which of them are at the root of a folder.

Folder Manifest is a fairly old app and it doesn’t appear to be under active development which is a shame. It could really do with a simple export to text file option.

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