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NewFileBrowser: Create Custom File Templates For Programming In Notepad++ [Plugin]

When working on a programming project, developers have to constantly open new files, both new files to write new lines of code, and saved files to edit previously written code. If you are not using a relevant tool, it can be time taking. For instance, when working on an HTML project, a developer might have to frequently create new HTML and CSS files and edit the old ones. Writing all the code from scratch each time can be a tedious task, and it can turn out to be quite time consuming if you dont have the proper tool. Today, we have  just the tool that can help you in saving important time. Notepad++ is a very powerful open source text editor with lots of useful plugins available for increasing and matching its capability according to your needs. It is useful for both basic text editing and writing code in different programming languages. The main strength of Notepad++ lies in the massive number of plugins available for the software. Each plugin adds a previously non-existent functionality to the software, allowing you to perform more complex tasks. Coming back to the topic, we have a Notepad++ plugin called NewFileBrowser that allows you to open templates of different programming languages, such as HTML, CSS, SQL, Pascal, XML, JS, PYTHON etc. You can use the default template or edit it to your own liking.

You may download the plugin from the Plugins Manager. Open Plugins—> Plugin Manager—> Show Plugin Manager. Under Available tab, select NewFileBrowser and click Install.

Plugin Manager.png Newfilebrowser

Once installed, the application lets you open templates from Plugins—> NewFile&Browser. There are two templates available to choose from, which can also be accessed through their hotkeys: Ctrl + Shift + N for New File 1 and Ctrl + Alt + Shift + N for New File 2.

CUsersTestAppDataLocalTempNPPPluginNFBB63C.HTML - Notepad

The Settings menu allows you to edit the initial text template for both files. There is a long list of languages to choose from for setting as the first and second template.

Program Manager_2012-03-07_14-25-28

The plugin has a limitation that you can set only two templates at a time. Hopefully, the developer will include the option to add more templates in the next release.


  1. This article is almost three years old.

    Has any new version of this plugin been developed that expands its template-generation capabilities?

    I ask because I run a site with multiple subdomains, and need one template file for each of them.

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