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Create HTML Snapshots Of File And Folder Structures With Snap2HTML

Windows is an elegant operating system and supports hundreds of thousands of applications. However, only a few ones seem quite worthy enough. Everyday I come across tens of different apps, but for me an application should be unique, intuitive and productive, only which feel worthwhile for a review.While browsing the web, i found Snap2 HTML, which is quite unique and handy application, and can help you troubleshoot various everyday computer problems. This portable utility lets you create an HTML snapshot of folder structures on your hard drive, with complete navigation. The snapshot is a complete copy of the real file and folder structure, and the user is able to navigate within them just like a real directory. This snapshot of folder structure can then be shared with anyone, for lets just say your friends, co-workers, your boos, allowing them to view where each file and folder is in the parent folder. This can be extremely useful in situations where tech support is required, as the troubleshooter can easily rectify the problem. The HTML file is created with a built-in search function that allows you to search any file and folder by name or extension.

To create an HTML snapshot of a folder, enter the folder path by clicking the Root Folder button. Select if you want to include the Hidden and System objects in your folder tree. When everything is set, click Create Folder Snapshot, and enter a path and name for the HTML file.


Once the HTML file is created, you can view the list of files and folders according to File Name, Size and Last Modified attributes. The top left corner displays the parent folder name, total number of files and folders, total size of the folder, and date and time when the snapshot was generated. You can navigate among the folders from the left pane, while the details appear on right side. There is a Search field available in the top right corner that can be used to search for items included in the folder structure.

Snapshot of DQuake3 - Mozilla Firefox

Snap2HTML works on WIndows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Testing was done on Windows 7 64-bit operating system.

Download Snap2HTML

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