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Professional data recovery software for Mac and Windows: Recoverit 8.0 Review

File loss isn’t something you can always prevent. You can take regular backups, keep one backup off site, and one locally but scheduled backups can’t save you from unexpected data loss all the time. If you happen to lose a file before your scheduled backup happens, you need to find a data recovery app that can reliably get your lost data back.

Is data recovery possible?

If you lost a file, you’re likely to Google ways to get it back and the first thing you’ll be advised to check for is an auto-backup of the file you’ve lost that was created by the app it was open in. Unfortunately, very few apps offer this option.

General file recovery advice tells you that if you restart your system, file recovery is no longer possible unless you use a military grade tool to recover it. This is not true, or only partially true. Data recovery software exists that can not only recover data after your system has been restarted but also after it has been restarted several times. In fact, you’d be surprised how much data can be recovered even after a hard drive has been formatted.

If your data has been lost because your system crashed, you’ve formatted a drive, you’ve cleared the Trash or Recycle Bin, or you’ve used Shift+Delete (Windows) to delete a file, it can still be recovered.

Data recovery software

There’s no shortage of data recovery software but it’s not free and it’s not always cheap. Often, the cost of the software is measured in the data that you need to recover. If you need a reliable app that works on both Windows and macOS, we recommend Recoverit. It’s been around for quite a while; it’s improved data recovery over the years and it works equally well on all the platforms that it supports.

Recoverit has recently released its newest version, Recoverit 8.0 which now recovers files much, much faster than its previous versions. In fact, file recovery that would take an hour has been reduced to just a few minutes.


Recoverit is feature rich. It doesn’t perform mass data recovery by dumping every single file that it’s recovered on to your system leaving you to sift through it and find what you’re looking for. Instead, the app offers targeted data recovery; you can choose which drive, or even which folder to recover files from and only after the initial scan will data recovery begin.

Recoverit’s initial scan will show you all the files that can be recovered. You can then select which ones you want to get back, and instead of waiting for the app to recover all the files it has indexed (as it is with many recovery app), you can quickly get just the one, or few files that you need.

Supported platforms and file systems

As mentioned, Recoverit works on both Windows and Mac. This means that in addition to supporting two of the most popular desktop operating systems, it can also work with literally any file system.

File systems like NTFS, FAT, exFat are all supported.

Supported file types & devices

Recoverit can recover lost images, documents, videos, audio files, emails, and even archived files. It also has a neat preview feature where, once the recoverable files have been indexed after the initial scan, you can preview them. Additionally, the app can also recover deleted files from memory cards from Android phones, GoPros and drones, and even floppy drives. If you have multiple drives, Recoverit can scan and recover files from more than 10 drives at once.

Easy to use

While this isn’t exactly a technical feature, it makes data recovery easier. Apps that put forward complicated options when you need to quickly recover a file make it difficult to recover lost data. File recovery is technical but the technicalities aren’t something the average user, with lost data, knows or has the time to learn.

Recoverit offers recovery in three easy steps; Select, Scan, and Recover.

Recovery drives & partitions

Recovery drives and partitions aren’t easily accessible from your desktop. By default, your system is able to access them when there’s a problem with your operating system or the file system on your main drives. Recoverit can fix recovery drives if they’ve been corrupted.


Recoverit has a free version that allows you to recover 100MB of files. Since the app doesn’t just recover all the files it’s indexed and instead allows you to pick the files you want to recover, it may be enough for basic file recovery needs. For larger files, you will need to buy a license for the app. The pro version license costs $39.95 for one license, and $59.95 for one lifetime license.

Does it work?

We ran Recoverit on the Recycle Bin on Windows 10. This is a location that is constantly cleaned i.e., files are remove from it on a regular basis. Recoverit was able to index recoverable files from two months ago. The files, once recovered, opened without any problems. None of the files were corrupt which is often the case when particularly old files are recovered. If you’ve just lost an important document, Recoverit is definitely a tool you should try.

Download Recoverit 8.0 New Update

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