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How To View And Delete Cookies In Firefox Developer Edition

Firefox has always been the go-to browser for developers. This preference comes as a result of Mozilla always considering the needs of developers as well as end users with each iteration of its browser. The company makes it a priority to provide the best development tools and in that endeavor, they recently launched the Firefox Developer Edition. This browser, in Mozilla’s own words, is a browser for developers made by developers. It features amazing tools and needless to say, it isn’t intended for the average user though developers can rely on it to work as a reliable browser when/if needed. Where the Firefox Developer Edition is somewhat familiar in the tools it provides, it’s going to take some time to grow familiar with it all. If you’ve started using it you might have found that there isn’t an obvious way to delete cookies. This post explains how you can view, edit, and delete cookies in Firefox Developer Edition.

Firefox Developer Edition has a very popular developer tool that Firefox also supports; the developer toolbar. The easiest way to view and/or delete cookies stored by a web page is to go through the developer toolbar. To open the toolbar, type Shift+F2. There are three commands available for cookies and like the toolbar in Firefox, the one in Developer Edition will suggest commands as you type making it even easier to find the right one.

The three supported commands are

cookie list – Lists all cookies stored by the current page

cookie remove – Remove all cookies stored by the current page

cookie set – Set cookies for the current page

ff Dev del cookie

Execute the cookies list command to view all cookies saved by the page in a list. If you want to delete cookies selectively, this is the way to do it. Under each cookie, there will be a ‘Remove‘ button. Likewise, there is an ‘Edit‘ button that allows you to edit it. To do a complete clean-up of all cookies stored by a web page, simply execute the cookie remove command and you’re done.

cookies list


If you have any useful tips for Firefox Developer Edition, let us know in the comments. Happy developing.


  1. hi, i’m trying to open the cookie list but it give me this error:
    cookieMgr is not defined
    any idea why ?

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