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How To Disable SuperFetch In Windows 8

Whenever we open an application in Windows, it loads in to the system memory before it gets presented to us. All the applications that we use don’t have an equal priority, for instance, you’d rarely use sound recorder than you’d do Windows Media Player. Obviously its just an example to make it a bit clear for you, but this is how it works. Instead of reloading commonly used programs again and again, Microsoft came up with Prefetcher fuction in Windows XP, and then SuperFetch in Vista and above OS versions. SuperFetch is a technology in Windows operating systems that automatically preloads commonly used application into the computer memory which in return greatly reduces their loading times. The purpose of SuperFetch is to increase the performance of the PC during regular tasks performed by the user. SuperFetch was introduced in Windows Vista and is a step ahead from prefetcher function of Windows XP. Superfetch is also present in Windows 8. If you got the chance to get your hands on Windows 8 and you don’t need SuperFetch for some reason, Windows allows you to disable it. In this post, we will explain how to disable SuperFetch in Windows 8. Please keep in mind though, it is not advisable for the common users to disable SuperFetch as it might cause lag when loading applications and other slowdowns.

The process of disabling SuperFetch in Windows 8 is slightly different from how it was done in prior version of the OS i.e. Windows 7. To disable the Superfetch function, first you will have to stop its services from the task manager. Open your Windows 8 Task Manager and select More Details from the bottom-left corner. Then, head over to the Services tab from the top and carefully locate the SysMain service with Superfetch under Description field. Right-click this service and then select Stop from the context menu.

Task Manager

Afterwards, you will need to locate and open the Services window by typing services.msc in the Start Screen. Once opened, look for the Superfetch service as highlighted in the screenshot.

WIndows 8 Services Superfetch

After you have found it, double-click it to open its Properties window. Under the General tab, look for Startup Type section and choose Disabled from the drop down menu and click Apply. That’s it, you’re done.

Superfetch properties

Even though, it is only advisable for advanced users to disable this function, anyone looking to disable SuperFetch in Windows 8 can use this method to easily disable it.

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