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Download And Read Comics In Windows 8 With Manga Z

The Anime and Manga art has a huge fan following and comic reading is a relaxing activity for a lot of people. Many fans like to read their favorite comics on a regular basis. Popular manga series, such as Naruto, Bleach and One Piece have also been aired on TV, while some of them, like Death Note, are so popular that full length movies have been produced based on their stories. However, some hardcore fans like to enjoy them in their original form, that is comics. To enjoy a comic properly, you need to have a comic reader that makes switching between the pages very easy, and provides you with other options to read the comic. Manga Z for Windows 8 is a manga reader app that fits this description. You can download the latest chapters from your favorite manga series and read them on your Windows 8 tablet or PC.

In order to get the app, go to Windows Store, type “manga z” and press Enter. From the results, click Manga Z to access its product page. Once inside, click Install.

MZ Store Search

The main interface of the application shows a list of the top 500 manga comics on the left side, a description of the selected comic in the middle, while the right side has details about all previously released chapters. There is a Download Series button available in the middle, but you need to get the paid version of the app to download the complete series at once. The free version only lets you download the chapters one by one.

MZ Main

Right-click the main screen to view extended options in the app bar at the bottom, such as History, Favorites, Collection and Settings.

MZ Main App Bar

Click any chapter name on the right side to read it on your screen. Right-clicking the chapter screen lets you go directly to the Previous and Next Chapter from the app bar.

MZ Chapter App Bar

The Settings page allows you to change the Reading Style, Background Color, Update Listing method, and buy the full version of the app. You can change the background color from white to black when reading in dark.


The main interface allows you to search for your favorite manga series from the Top 500 or All comics. You can also change the source from All Mangas to just MangaHere or MangaFox.

MZ Source

Manga Z is a complete manga reader and the best we have come across so far. It works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 8.

Get Manga Z from Windows Store

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