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Download Any Flash Video With Orbit Downloader

There are so many flash video downloaders out there that downloading videos from the internet is not a problem any more. What all developers miss out is that there are thousands if not millions of video portals out there, so we need a tool that can work for most or all of them, rather than merely the popular ones.

I used Ant toolbar Firefox add-on for the past one year, and it worked. But because the developer has not updated and made it compatible with FF version 3.5, I had to search for other methods. One successful way I have found so far is to download flash videos using Orbit Downloader.

This method is quite easy and a piece-of-cake if you want to go on a video-download-marathon. First grab the Orbit Downloader from the link given at the bottom of the post. Once installed, open it, go to Tools menu, and select Grab++ from the list.

orbit downloader grab   feature

Now you can close the original Orbit Downloader program since Grab++ is a separate tool that can work independently. Now visit any video portal and run the video, you will notice that everything is grabbed by Grab++ including the video. To filter out video from the rest of the objects that were grabbed, click the Video link.

Note: If the video is not grabbed, you need to refresh the page and make sure that the video is playing. Once the video comes in the list, you can go ahead and close the webpage if you want.

Grab   video

Now check the video that you want to download and click Download button.

grab   orbit downloader screenshot

Enter the destination of the video and it’s name and click Download to begin downloading the video. You can also set some advanced download options by clicking More, but it is recommended that you use the default settings.

Update: Don’t forget to add the .flv extension at the end of the file name. So ‘Cat Too Fat’ will be ‘Cat Too Fat.flv’, I made a stupid mistake in the screenshot below. My bad! 😛

download flash video with orbit downloader

To confirm if the video has been downloaded, double-click the Orbit Downloader system tray icon, select Completed from the left sidebar and you will find the video.

download with orbit downloader

To clear the list from Grab++, click Actions and select Clear All List or some other options depending on your situation.

clear list grab

You can also select which browsers you want Grab++ to monitor by going to Actions > Preferences and going to Monitoring tab.

grab   monitoring

From the General tab in Preferences you can select which files you want to exclude from the list. Overall, Grab++ feature of Orbit Downloader works flawlessly. I tested it on various different types of video portals and it grabbed every video that was played.

Ant Toolbar Firefox Add-on

Download Orbit Downloader

It works on all versions of Windows. Enjoy!


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  3. Stumbled across this post while looking for alternative to Ant Video Downloader. Was excited for a moment, until I realized it was for Windows. Could you advise on an alternative for Macbook users?
    Thx much!

  4. Please can you fix it to DL the video from http://www.forexprofitalerts.com/replay.htm
    Grab++ only sees 1.36KB & 48.94KB swf files

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