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Edit MS Access Database (MDB File Format) Without Having MS Access Installed

If you want to access MDB(MS Access Database) file and do not have Microsoft Access installed, what other choice do you have? MDB Viewer Plus is a free standalone tool for Windows through which you can edit any MDB file quickly. It doesn’t require any installation, just load it up, open the MDB file and start editing.

It has very useful functionalities and most of the features are similar to MS Access, you can perform an advanced search, apply filter, Import/Export and Print Table, Show/Hide Columns, Execute a Query, Find Table info and types, and much more.

mdb viewer plus screenshot

According to the developer, it is not a full database development solution but does allow you to view MDB files without an Access license. To see the full list of features, please visit the link below.

Download MDB Viewer Plus

It works on all versions of Windows. Enjoy!


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