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Enable Aero In Windows 7 Home Basic

Windows 7 Home Basic is available in selected regions only, Aero Transparency is however not available in this edition. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot enable Aero in Windows 7 Home Basic.

Since Microsoft states that features for all editions of Windows 7 are stored on the machine(regardless of what edition is in use), it is not so surprising when a tool such as Aero Enabler comes out.

You can now enable Aero with a click of a button. Please note that you will need a minimum DirectX 9 acceleration, WDDM(Windows Display Driver Model)-compatibe driver, 128 MB of graphic memory, and Pixel Shader 2.0 with 32-bits per pixel support.

Aero Enabler

All it does is to tweak a few keys in the registry and Aero Transparency is enabled in Windows 7 Home Basic. You can also disable Hardware Check to make sure that Aero can be enabled without meeting the WDDM specifications.

Download AeroEnabler

It is developed exclusively for Windows 7 Home Basic and Windows Vista Home Basic. Do NOT try this tool in any other versions of OS.

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  • I think this tool is very useful! I go to write about it in my blog, and I'll recommend your blog 😉

  • Thanks for this post – I really like using these tools and hope you get the most out of them on your Pc

  • sudhakar123

    Hi folks,

    I have windows 7 Home basic, i did enable the aero feature. but still i cannot see the personalize menu in popup(right click on desktop).

    kindly help me out to add personalize menu in the same.

    see the image below how personalize menu is exists:


    • Kishan Shah

      For add personalize menu you must be download personalization panel from winreview.ru.

  • thanks for sharing…:)

  • Gerard

    Can this tool be – also used on Starter ?? Reply asap pls. . . Thanks
    email me @ pierr0ur@live.com

  • Mehran

    This tool doesn’t work

  • Neezhom Photographic

    Not working buddy 🙁

  • Botkiller

    Try my fix to enable Aero (beta):
    Download, run, agree to add data to the registry.
    If it still will not start Aero перезапустите службу: “Desktop Window Manager” – run “cmd.exe” (as Administrator), write: net stop uxsms < Enter, and write: net start uxsms < Enter.

    • Leo

      А это на самом деле работает? Ты сам пробовал? Я живу в америке но у меня Windows Basic из России.
      Does this actually work did u try it out? i am in america but i have win7 home basic from russia lol
      i cant believe u cant even change the windows border colors in windows 7 home basic

      • sujith

        m usin windows home basic!!!!!

      • Botkiller

        Home Basic to other files, which are responsible for transparency. You can try to replace them. I pulled these faly from the Ultimate:
        It is necessary to replace the original in the Home Basic, and then apply the fix:
        If you will not be replaced, then stop the service Desktop Window Manager. Accurate performance does not guarantee – the files can not those who can not work in your files. Free time – it’ll do.
        P.S. Sorry for my english =)

    • sujith

      but how to u enable transparency????? i still don find personalize option in right click
      plz respond,,,,,,,,,


    • Kenneth

      Not working….

  • Botkiller

    Sorry, im not translate this: “перезапустите службу” – the restart service

  • Vivek

    i tried this on my original copy of windows 7 home basic. and my screen went blank and i am still unable to do nething about it.. please reply urgently.. tried system restore and startup repair… please help

  • guto

    What if I support 64 bits per pixel

  • Double d

    can u explain a clear cut one on how to download aero enabler?

  • jer

    does not work… 🙁 what it does do is somehow disabling my already enabled aero peek on my windows.
    i tried using this Tool and all the other tool out there and nothing works on my windows 7 home basic. do help if you know a solution. thx

  • EP

    @sujith: you CANT enable “transparencies” with Aero Enabler program. The web site where Aero Enabler originated didn’t clearly state that although Aero Enabler can enable “taskbar-preview.”

  • roksy

    hi! m using win 7 home basic.. can any body tell me how to enable the thumbnail view of task bar………..

  • Bineet

    Doesn’t work….. Please help…..

  • Botkiller

    Unfortunately on Home Basic it is impossible to include a transparency

  • nagarjun

    This didn’t Work!!!!

  • boab

    Yer full of shite!! Not even going to try this!

  • PS

    The writer is trying all his best to guide us how to enable Aero. When something went wrong or does not work, it’s not right to bash him.

    I found out a solution and would like to share with everyone. Just download Win Aero from winaero dot com. If this works for you, please share it out too.

  • Hammad

    I dont know if its working as i dont have the personalize option to change the theme

  • thnks a lot….. 😀