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Enable Aero In Windows 7 Home Basic

Windows 7 Home Basic is available in selected regions only, Aero Transparency is however not available in this edition. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot enable Aero in Windows 7 Home Basic.

Since Microsoft states that features for all editions of Windows 7 are stored on the machine(regardless of what edition is in use), it is not so surprising when a tool such as Aero Enabler comes out.

You can now enable Aero with a click of a button. Please note that you will need a minimum DirectX 9 acceleration, WDDM(Windows Display Driver Model)-compatibe driver, 128 MB of graphic memory, and Pixel Shader 2.0 with 32-bits per pixel support.

Aero Enabler

All it does is to tweak a few keys in the registry and Aero Transparency is enabled in Windows 7 Home Basic. You can also disable Hardware Check to make sure that Aero can be enabled without meeting the WDDM specifications.

Download AeroEnabler

It is developed exclusively for Windows 7 Home Basic and Windows Vista Home Basic. Do NOT try this tool in any other versions of OS.


  1. The writer is trying all his best to guide us how to enable Aero. When something went wrong or does not work, it’s not right to bash him.

    I found out a solution and would like to share with everyone. Just download Win Aero from winaero dot com. If this works for you, please share it out too.

  2. @sujith: you CANT enable “transparencies” with Aero Enabler program. The web site where Aero Enabler originated didn’t clearly state that although Aero Enabler can enable “taskbar-preview.”

  3. does not work… 🙁 what it does do is somehow disabling my already enabled aero peek on my windows.
    i tried using this Tool and all the other tool out there and nothing works on my windows 7 home basic. do help if you know a solution. thx

  4. i tried this on my original copy of windows 7 home basic. and my screen went blank and i am still unable to do nething about it.. please reply urgently.. tried system restore and startup repair… please help

  5. Sorry, im not translate this: “перезапустите службу” – the restart service

    • А это на самом деле работает? Ты сам пробовал? Я живу в америке но у меня Windows Basic из России.
      Does this actually work did u try it out? i am in america but i have win7 home basic from russia lol
      i cant believe u cant even change the windows border colors in windows 7 home basic

    • Home Basic to other files, which are responsible for transparency. You can try to replace them. I pulled these faly from the Ultimate:
      It is necessary to replace the original in the Home Basic, and then apply the fix:
      If you will not be replaced, then stop the service Desktop Window Manager. Accurate performance does not guarantee – the files can not those who can not work in your files. Free time – it’ll do.
      P.S. Sorry for my english =)

    • but how to u enable transparency????? i still don find personalize option in right click
      plz respond,,,,,,,,,


    • For add personalize menu you must be download personalization panel from winreview.ru.

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