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Facebook Chat Desktop Client

Earlier this year, we covered 3 ways to use Facebook chat on the desktop. The next day we covered another important tip that integrates Facebook Chat inside Firefox. Both posts will be beneficial to the readers. But what if you want a dead-simple Facebook Chat client on the desktop without having to use it inside browser or inside any other IM client?

This is where cStandalone comes in. Just as the name says, it uses a simple iframe to show facebook chat in a standalone window.

Update: Facebook Chat App is only available for Mac. Windows users can check out previously featured chit chat for Facebook.

Facebook Chat Standalone

Just open it, enter your login credentials, and you are in. If you are using Windows 7 then you can quickly access it by pinning it to the taskbar alongside other IM clients(if any).

facebook chat windows 7

Download Facebook Desktop Standalone

It is a cross-platform app since it is developed on top of Adobe Air. It works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Enjoy!


    • This post is for those who are looking for a standalone facebook chat client. Most users don’t use other IM clients and are addicted to Facebook for almost everything, this post is targeted towards those users only. 🙂

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