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How To Fix Network Devices Not Showing In File Explorer On Windows 10

Windows 10 1803 has a new way to share files called Nearby Share. It’s a much easier way to share files with other Windows 10 devices that are nearby. For devices that aren’t running Windows 10, you can still share files over the network. The only problem is that there’s a bug in Windows 10 1803 where network devices don’t appear in File Explorer. Microsoft is aware of this bug and there is a fix for network devices not showing in File Explorer.

The problem has to do with certain services not starting properly. There’s a whole list of them that you need to fix but it’s a fairly simple process. You will need administrative rights to do this.

Network Devices Not Showing In File Explorer

Open the run box with the Win+R keyboard shortcut, type services.msc, and hit Enter.

Search for the following services one by one and set their ‘Startup Type’ to ‘Automatic (Delayed Start)’. To change the Startup type, double-click the service once you find it in the list. This will open its properties window. Go to the General tab, and open the ‘Startup type’ dropdown. Select the ‘Automatic (Delayed Startup) option, and click Apply.

  • Computer Browser
  • Function Discovery Provider Host (FDPHost)
  • Function Discovery Resource Publication (FDResPub)
  • Network Connections (NetMan)
  • UPnP Device Host (UPnPHost)
  • Peer Name Resolution Protocol (PNRPSvc)
  • Peer Networking Grouping (P2PSvc)
  • Peer Networking Identity Manager (P2PIMSvc)

You need to change the Startup Type for every single service that is listed above. Once you’ve done that, restart your PC. This is not a step that you can skip.

Once you restart your PC, open File Explorer, and click Network on the navigation panel. Your network devices should start to appear now, and you will be able to share and access files from them.

This applies to devices that are not running Windows 10 1803, or any version of Windows such as a network drive, or a Mac or Linux PC on the network. If all your devices still do not appear in File Explorer, make sure that they are connected properly to the network, and wherever applicable, check to make sure sharing and network discoverability has been enabled for all of them. It’s also worth checking to make sure the device can be accessed over the network. For example, an iPhone simply cannot be accessed over the network so don’t expect it to show up in File Explorer just because it’s connected to the same network.

While other devices will now show up in File Explorer, you will still need to enter a username and password in order to access files on them.


  1. I have no web site. Pasted your web site I used in that field above.

    Trying to connect my Motorola Android 8.0.0 via USP Tethering to my Levono Win10 Home Version 21H1 OS build 19043.1586 Win Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4170.0 PC for FireFox Browser 99.0.1 Internet Connectivity & Full 2-Way File Management. Getting intermittent, mostly failing results.
    I have no bluetooth on my PC.

    As per your advice I set 7 of 8 services to Startup Type Automatic (Delayed Start).
    Neither Computer Browser (nor Browser, FireFox) service exists on my PC. Checked both bottom tabs Standard and Extended but none there.
    Went ahead and tried with the 7 services set Automatic (Delayed Start) anyway to no avail.

    Checks for Network show Network 9 (changes on reconnects. is there a way to lock it or name it?)
    The Network Profile is set to Private (Reverse Intuitive! Public says PC is Hidden, backwards logic to me).
    So its set Private to allow Discovery, Print and File sharing. Hope this is correct for my Motorola Android.
    I use cmd/ping /t to that devices DNS for connected assurance. Some points in the game it was very intermittant dropping, reconnecting by settings & cable toggles mostly. Requires Android USB Tethering set & Developer On. USB Tethering likes to shut off mysteriously, maybe me doing checks but very annoying.

    Experience efforts also to focus on setting Network & File Sharing/Advance set as follows.

    Private/Network Discovery = On/Auto On of Connected
    Private/File & Printer Sharing = On

    Guest or Public/Network Discovery = On
    Guest or Public/File & Printer Sharing = On

    All Networks/Public Folder Sharing = On
    All Networks/File Sharing Connections = 128-bit encryption
    All Networks/Password Protected Sharing = Off

    As well I set the desired folder for Full Control for Everyone on Property/Advance Sharing level.

    Some of these could be tightened up later for security but opened up until issues resolved.

    I close and reopen File Explorer but still no Android Device/Folders.

    Then to add insult to injury, there is the same PC Device Name under the Network with a subset of folders, likely set to share, But very annoying since I would much like and expect that’s where my Motorola phone device with it’s Folders would be. NUTS!

    Could you, would you please speak to these issue or maybe provide other fix source links.

    BUT another really annoying issue is getting invalid directions. Options and setting that are not there.
    Many advisors do not provide device or OS specs ( I realize that’s a real pain, for all of us, but could be reason for most issues).

    Anyway, Thanks for any help your willing to provide.

    Rod Mynatt

  2. did not work. issue is the resources do not show in file explorer window but can be reached putting the name \\(name) into the directory tree. then the resources and folders appear and can be accessed

  3. I have two computers linked by Lan and WIFI to same modem both running windows 10 version 2004. I have just added computer 2 to the network in file explorer under network it shows computer 1 and computer 2 but i cannot access comper1 it states I have not got permission ask the network administrator which is me !!. However it shows under media services both computers with access to each.
    Computer does not show either computer under network but again under media services both computers are shown with access I have changed the settings as shown in your article on both machines and restarted both machines several times but it has made no difference to the above situation. I have set all the settings correctly re network sharing etc.
    Once when i logged on to computer 1 it showed computer 2 and gave me access to the files the next time i logged on without changing anything it had disappeared. Computer 1 has bluetoothinstalled but Computer 2 does not.
    i am at aloss what to try next any suggestions.
    Yours Roy Garbett

  4. I do not have the Computer Browser listed in my Services msc box
    So I am unable to alter its startup

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