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Forgot Your Passcode? Bypass iPhone Lock Screen On iOS 6, 6.1 With This Trick

iOS 6.1 has been problematic for many iOS device users out there ever since its release a few days ago. iPhone 4S users are facing unexpected battery drainage, while all iOS devices appear to have issues with setting appropriate brightness when Automatic Brightness is enabled. Today, we’ve come across an all-new, very serious security issue: you can bypass the lock screen on any iPhone running iOS 6 by following a list of simple steps.

We’re discussing the set of steps that allow you to bypass your lock screen with the hope that it will be put to good use like, say, when you forget your passcode in an emergency situation. Using this method allows you to access the Phone application which, as a result, means you can make calls, access contacts and even edit them.


Disclaimer: This tip is for educational purposes only. AddictiveTips will not be held responsible in case this method is used for nefarious purposes.


  • An iPhone running iOS 6.0.1 / 6.0.2 / 6.1 / 6.1.1 secured with a passcode
  • Manual dexterity


  1. Turn on your iPhone by pressing the Home button.
  2. Slide to bring up passcode input menu. Tap the “Emergency Call” button.
  3. Press and hold the Power / Lock button until you get the option to “Slide to power off”. Tap “Cancel”.
  4. Enter 112. Quickly double tap on the green Dial icon.
  5. Lock your iPhone by pressing Power / Lock button.That was the first part. The second one’s a little trickier and time sensitive.
  6. Wake your iPhone by pressing the Home button. Once again, slide to bring up the “Enter Passcode” screen.
  7. Press and hold the Power / Lock button. After exactly three seconds and before the “Slide to power off” option comes up, tap “Emergency Call”, then press the Home button and then let go of the Power / Lock button.

This took me around half a dozen attempts before I could do it right. If you get an empty black screen, you’re doing it wrong. If you truly followed the steps correctly, you will now have access to the Phone app and all contacts stored in the iPhone.

You can follow this method from the following video as well:

Apple so far has not commented on this security loophole. It is, however, very strongly expected that the company will release a small update to iOS to fix it in the very near future.

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