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Nitro PDF Reader Brings Advanced Tools For Free

PDF files are amongst the most popular document formats these days, and their increased usage means every computer would need at least some kind of reader that could handle them. Adobe’s own reader may be good, but not only is it taxing on system resources but also leaves the user craving for ‘some more’ features. Other alternatives like Foxit and Sumatra have been around and about for quite a while, but here comes a new contender that claims to be better than all. Meet Nitro PDF Reader.

Nitro PDF Reader

The first thing noticeable is the interface, which appears inspired from Microsoft’s Office 2010 offerings, with tabs for different functions, similar-looking buttons, etc. We have a file tab, that offers standard functions like Save, Open, Print, Properties, etc, while the Tasks tab is the one you’ll be dealing with more frequently, offering zoom, rotation, page navigation, selection, and advanced tools like highlighter, annotator, converters etc. The Help tab, obviously, is help relating to the reader itself.

Nitro is sleek, not the fastest around but still scoring good. It handles large PDF files with ease, and rendering is nice and neat. As for the advanced tools, what takes this software beyond the regular ones is its annotation and conversion tools. It offers a diverse range in ways you can annotate, including highlighting, notes, typing text right over the actual file, and stamps, which can be any image that you insert.

Nitro PDF Comemnts

On the conversion front, you can create PDFs from other file formats, with support for over 300 different file types. Other conversion tools allow you to directly extract text or images from PDF files, and it is here that Nitro shines, with great rendering of the extracted text or images.

PDF to Plain Text

Nitro PDF Reader is a good software that holds great promise. With the new features that it brings and that it came from a very experienced team of developers, leaves us hoping that this software will grow even better. The application isn’t resource intensive, it works well and doesn’t bog your system down even under high usage. Top it all that with the fact that it’s free and offers generally more than what other competitors bring to the table, and you have a winner. It can be worth a try as an alternative to any PDF reader/editor that you’re currently using. If you think Sumatra or Foxit are both limited, then you give this app a shot for a change. We tested it on our Windows 7 x86 system.

Download Nitro PDF Reader


  1. Nitro had many crashes on my computer, therefore I came to PDF-XChange. Now I can say without doubt – PDF-XChange is the best alternative to Adobe Reader.
    It’s the faster then others, has intelligible interface and many-many necessary features for free (if you would compare with other presenting above and widely-advertised Foxit and Nitro).What else can offer extensive search, annotation, OCR, and others?

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