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Free Keyboard Spy Logger Software

Hooker is a free portable keylogger that allows one to log all keyboard clicks, clipboard content, and so on. It can run in stealth mode to spy on all activity at your home computer while you are away for work.

Once started, click Hide from the main interface and the app will run silently in the background logging all keyboard clicks and clipboard content. Once hidden, it can only be brought back with a hotkey, which is Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F9 (or F10/F11/F12).

Hooker main

The useful part is that it includes options to save the log, send it via email, or/and upload to FTP. The log can be saved either after a pre-defined time or when application is closed. The log by default resides in the same directory where the app is residing, the destination can be changed from the File tab in Settings.

Hooker Settings

The portability in the application adds more ease to the whole process of monitoring the activity. Even though the name sounds NSFW, the application itself is safe to use.

Download Hooker

It works on all versions of Windows, including the latest Windows 7. From the two listed apps in the download page, we gave the latest beta version a shot.


  1. thanks for this
    but this software is public version only and it doesnt work when hidden
    it’s detected as potentially dangerous element by AVG

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