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Free VPN Client for Windows – FreeVPN

HotSpot Shield is quite popular software out there, this is largely because users could easily access Hulu and watch shows from outside US. But since Hulu added some tighter restrictions and blocked users of Hotspot Shield, there is no reason why users should continue using it.

Hotspot Shield is not free because they practically come with ads and force users to click an ad when starting for the first time. This is annoying and not a good practice at all. FreeVPN is a free Windows VPN Client that doesn’t come with ads, the whole interface is dead-simple and requires no configuration at all.

Best of all, you can not only connect to a VPN in US but also in UK, which helps users better stay anonymous. It secures your web session with HTTPS encryption and allows users to bypass firewalls.

All you have to do is run the program, hit Connect, and choose the VPN you want to connect to.


Once it is connected, it will assign you a new IP. You can then start browsing using any web browser. One thing I have noticed is that it is connects faster than HotSpot Shield or any other VPN program I have encountered with.

Free VPN

Hit the close button and it will minimize to the system tray where it will run silently in the background.

Proof that it works? Check Pandora website below that I accessed flawlessly from outside US.

Pandora website

The developers behind this tool release updates multiple times a month to keep it updated, which shows how serious they are to make this tool the next big thing.

Download FreeVPN

It works on Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 10. Enjoy!


  1. At school our rachet teachers put blocks on the computers but some how I can get on facebook but not pandora it sucks. I need to know If there’s anyway that we can see if the Free VPN

  2. VPN is a virtual
    private network that establishes an encrypted tunnel between your home PC and a
    remote server. You can be surfing on the internet in the United
    States but the VPN will show that you are somewhere else like Italy

  3. This is service is good. However, hotspot shield has more servers to choose from.

    Unfortunately hotspot shield populates a lot of ads.

  4. I am using http://www.supervpn.net/ and it is so good! I am very pleased with their service.
    Super VPN offers a Fast VPN solution through High Speed Access using servers located in whole world. You get secured connection for all programs you are using, you are completely anonymous, your traffic is fully encrypted and you are totally protected. Quality 1Gbit Network connectivity ensures your VPN service will be fast wherever you are in the world.

  5. I’m using Hotspotshield and as of today (Oct 23 2010) Hulu, Pandora and Netflix (the holy trinity!) are working for me (IP address assigned was based in Florida, US). Pleasantly surprised because based on all I’ve been reading HSS is not supposed to work!! Unfortunately I subscribed to a paid VPN based on what I’d read but obviously if Hotspot continues to work I’m going to stop paying for something which is available free. Let’s see…

  6. Good morning
    the program free VPN is good
    but sometimes Not Active
    I don’t have payment Account for buy

    thank You

  7. I installed the free VPN but when I try to connect it it says my system has no TAP-Win32 adapters…wht does it mean?????

  8. Our IT guy at the Office has installed some kind of basic blocking software that blocks all kinds of sites. It appears to be without rhyme or reason and annoys me greatly. Is there any kind of program I can download and install to get around this so I can surf where I want on my lunch break? Would this Free VPN do the trick?

  9. I use the Hide My Net service which has worked great for me so far. They provide US, UK, DE, and NL endpoints so I can watch pretty much any content I want by connecting to the various servers which are all included in their 5$/month price.

    • Thank you that worked a treat.
      As i used to listen to Pandora previously before they put their ban on me in the UK i used a proxy then with fictitious Zip but they identified it in Florida not linked to my email and cut me off.
      Then i used another Proxy but it was so complicated i gave up and went to Spotify, Last and another so it is good to go back on occasions to Pandora.

  10. By the way, as for free VPN services you (being a site owner and blogger ) can just make a deal with acevpn.com ( read the rules for free VPN service invitation on their website), try their free VPN and also supply the readers of your blog with free invitations for using their fastest, (as they claim) free VPN service.

  11. I did not try free VPN yet, but as for Hotspot Shield- I did not like it at all, it seemed too slow for me, not speaking of annoying ads.
    From free VPN services I tried in the past I liked you-freedom.net free VPN ( US IP), Ultra VPN (french IP), and free VPN from alonweb.com. To my mind Ultra VPN is the best from free VPN services available on internet, because it’s fast, has no ads and extremely easy in use.

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