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Fresh Paint: Microsoft’s Modern UI Drawing App With A Realistic Canvas

We are all born creative. Some of you might be very good at playing a fret board, while others may know a lot about art. If you love spending your time doing a lot of oil painting, and you have got what it takes to be good painter, then look no further than Fresh Paint, an application that brings your ideas into reality. Developed by Microsoft, Fresh Paint is a Modern UI app designed exclusively for Windows 8. As Windows 8 release is just around the corner (and you might even be looking forward to get your hands on Windows RT tablet), this app aims to give you a worthy head start. The interface of the app comprises of a vivid canvas and paper surface on which you can draw words, alphabets, portraits, landscapes and whatnot – sky is the limit. Fluid animations and realistic design looks really eye popping, and it comes packed with different sizes of paint brushes, pen and pencil tools, and paint surfaces – all of which support various color patters.

Fresh Paint has three navigation buttons at the top left; named as Gallery, Tools and Surface. Tools let you specify the kind of painting equipment you want to use in your drawings and contains four different brush types, a chalk, eraser, pencils etc. Brush size can also be adjusted according to your preferences. What’s more, you can also select the color that you want to use from the virtual color tray at the top right.

Fresh Paint

The application lets you specify the type of surface you want to draw on, for instance, it includes different types of canvas and paper patterns, some of which look smooth while others look a bit rough. The background color of the selected surface can also be changed under Background section.

Fresh Paint_surface

To start painting, simply click anywhere on the surface to make the navigation controls disappear, letting you revitalize your painting the way it’s meant. Paintings look incredibly real. Folks using Fresh Paint on touch devices will definitely get that smooth feel, as if drawing on an actual canvas. There are also Undo and Redo buttons at the bottom to revert back your changes, and interestingly, there are infinite number of undo counts.

Fresh Paint_AT

All your paintings appear in tile form under Gallery. Yes that means all the projects are auto saved and there is absolutely no need to press Ctrl + S again and again. Should you need to start over, simply press the New tile.

Fresh Paint_new

Fresh Paint is a staggeringly interesting app. It’s available for free at Windows Store and works only on Windows 8.

Download Fresh Paint


  1. I wish all the other good paint apps would add these oil paint features, this is what I’ve been looking for and I have android instead (with waaaay too much money spent on design apps and games to switch now)

  2. Look`s like pretty good, but when You run this software may be trouble with DX11, just upgrade driver and reinstall Fresh Paint =).

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