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How to fix “game options received were from old version of Among us”

Among Us is a 2018 game that has recently seen a spike in popularity, and the number of players. It’s a fairly easy game to play with no real skill required as long as you’re good at lying and killing in stealth. 

Among Us can be played over a local network or online with complete strangers. If you’ve been playing a game, where a game is unique based on its code, and are suddenly booted from it with the “the game options received were from an old version of Among us” error, you’re not alone. 

Fix “the game options received were from an old version of Among us”

The “the game options received were from an old version of Among us” error has been showing up on Windows, and on Android. There doesn’t seem to be a problem with the iOS client yet or it’s limited. 

This error is new and many users are of the opinion that it began after the game deployed antihack fixes. To that end, here are the few limited things you can do to try and fix it. Make sure the game is up to date on your device before you try one of the fixes listed below.

1. Join Beta 

This may help resolve the problem if you see the error often. Some players do see the error even if they’re running the beta version so it may also fail.

Among Us Beta – Windows and Steam

  1. Open Steam.
  2. Go to Library.
  3. Right-click Among Us in the column on the left, and select Properties.
  4. Go to the Beta tab.
  5. Open the “Select the beta you would like to opt into” dropdown.
  6. Select Public Beta.
  7. Click Close.
  8. The game will download updates.
  9. Once the updates have been installed, you can start playing.

Among Us Beta – Android

Among Us must already be installed on your device.

  1. Open the Google Play Store app.
  2. Search for Among Us.
  3. Open the app’s store page.
  4. Scroll down and under Join the Beta, tap Join.
  5. Confirm you want to join the Beta.
  6. The app will update.

2. Join a different game

It’s possible that someone in the game is trying to cheat and the antihack mechanism is booting everyone out from the game. In that case, simply join a different game and see if you get the error again. 

3. Wait for another update

As noted before, this error has started to show up after InnerSloth added antihack checks to the game. It may only be resolved fully via another update. Make sure you keep the game up to date.


This error appears at random but some players have reported seeing it back-to-back multiple times. Make sure you keep the game and the Steam client up to date and hopefully, it will be resolved by InnerSloth soon.

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