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How to play Among Us on Windows 10

Among Us is a game available on Windows 10, iOS, and Android. It’s recently become popular even though it was released in 2018. It’s an online, multiplayer game but it can also be played over a local network if all the players are connected to the same network.

Among Us isn’t complicated to play and the game has a tutorial but if you’re still not sure how to get the game working, we’re going to break every little thing down for you.

Using Linux? Here’s how you can play the game on a Linux PC.

play among us

Install Among Us

Among Us can be bought on Steam for $2.99. Install it via the Steam client and you’re ready to play.

1. Join an online game

To join an online game of Among Us, follow these steps.

  1. Open Steam and go to Library.
  2. Select Among Us.
  3. Click Play.
  4. On the Among Us home screen, click Online.
  5. Under Public Game, click Find Game.
  6. Select a game from a list of games.

A game fills up quickly so if the game is full, try a different one from the list. 

2. Game objective

In Among Us, players are divided into two groups: crewmate, and imposter.

As a Crewmate, your job is to;

  • Not get killed.
  • Complete tasks on the spaceship.
  • Find the imposter.
  • Report dead bodies when you find them.
  • Crewmates do not know who the imposter is.

As an Imposter, your job is to;

  • Kill off the crewmates.
  • Sabotage the tasks on the spaceship.
  • Not get caught.
  • Imposters know who the other imposter is.

3. No. of players in a game

The game is for 4-10 players. Generally speaking, if you have up to nine players in a game, there will be 1 imposter. If you have ten players in the game, there will be 2 imposters.

Your role is assigned to you by the game’s algorithm. When a game starts, you’re told if you’re a crewmate or an imposter.

The group that achieves its objective is the winner however, if players leave a game mid-game you might get a default win (explained further below).

4. Game controls

As a crewmate, you will see controls for;

  • Use: click to perform a task
  • Report body: Click to report when you’ve found a dead body.
  • Calling an emergency meeting: Emergency meeting button in the cafeteria 
  • A map: exclamation marks on the map will show where a task needs to be done.
  • A chat icon: this is where players talk and discuss who they think might be the imposter. 

As an imposter, you will see controls for:

  • Sabotage: Create problems on the spaceship that crewmates must fix.
  • Kill: A button to kill a crewmate who is near you.
  • Use: This will only appear when you’re near a vent and it will allow you to enter/exit a vent.
  • A map: exclamation marks on the map will show where a task needs to be done.
  • A chat icon: this is where players talk and discuss who they think might be the imposter. 

5. Player colors

Players can choose a color for their character however, in a game, each player’s color is unique. This means there will never be two red players, or two blue players, or two green players. If the color you’ve picked for yourself is taken by another player, you will be assigned another random color.

Players identify each other with their color and not so much the name you’ve set. 

Play Among Us

1. Performing a task

In order to perform a task as a crewmate, follow these steps.

  1. Click the map to see where a task needs to be done. Rooms with an exclamation mark are rooms with open tasks.
  2. Go to the room and look for the task item: this is a panel that glows yellow.
  3. Walk to the panel and click the ‘Use’ button.
  4. The task will open for you to perform.

Tasks are all different: some require swiping a card, entering a code, connecting wires, pulling a lever, pushing a button, etc. 

2. Report a dead body

To report a dead body, follow these steps;

  1. Find a dead body.
  2. Click the Report button.

Once a body is reported, all users must participate in a group discussion to decide who the imposter is.

3. Kill a crewmate

The game has a proximity setting that gives you a range of how close you must be to a player to kill them.

  1. Find a crewmate (it’s best if they’re alone).
  2. Click the Kill button.
  3. Run away from the scene of the crime and don’t let anyone see you.

4. Sabotage the ship

As an imposter, you can sabotage the ship

  1. Click the map button.
  2. Click the cross on various rooms to sabotage them. 

5. Voting

After a body has been reported or an emergency meeting has been called, the players must vote out whoever they think is the imposter. They can also skip voting. The votes decide who will be ejected from the ship.

  1. Close the chat and you will see the players in the game.
  2. Click the player you want to vote out.
  3. Click the checkmark button.
  4. To skip voting, click Skip at the bottom.
  5. Click the checkmark button.
  6. When voting ends, everyone will be able to see who voted for whom, and who skipped.

  1. A player may or may not be ejected, depending on the votes.
  2. If the player was or was not an imposter, the game will tell you as much. 

6. Dead crewmates and imposters: ghosts

Crewmates that have been voted out, or imposters that have been identified and ejected remain in the game as ghosts. Players can exit the game if they want but you should stick around and complete the game.

  • Ghosts can still participate in the chat so help your fellow imposter or crewmates.
  • You can still perform tasks and sabotage the ship as a ghost player
  • Ghosts can see all players but players cannot see ghost players. 

How to win Among Us?

If you want to win Among Us, either as an imposter or as a crewmate, you need to lie shamelessly. You will be accused of being the imposter which, regardless if it’s right or not, is bad for you.

Lie, deflect or accuse someone else. Come up with crazy accusations if you must or accuse the person accusing you. As a crewmate, you need to stay in the game so that the imposters don’t win. As an imposter, you need to stay in the game so that you can kill the crew.

To stay alive, most players tend to move in groups or in pairs which is a good strategy unless the player you’re with is the imposter. 

Many players hang out in comms or security where they can monitor the ship and may see a kill go down so be careful.

Why is everyone saying ‘Start’?

You may notice players in the lobby messaging ‘Start’ in the chat. Of the players in the lobby, one has a Start button which will start the game. This button is normally given to the player who has been in the same game the longest.

Players do not know who has the button which is why they message to start the game.

What does “sus” mean?

“Sus” is slang for suspicious. If a player says another looks “sus” they suspect the player is an imposter.

How do I call an emergency meeting?

To call an emergency meeting, locate the button on the ship. Walk up to it and click the Use button. Confirm you want to call an emergency meeting. Imposters and crewmates can both call an emergency meeting.

What is a default win?

A default win is when players on the other team all exit the game. The team members that remain are given a win.

  • If all crewmates exit the game, the imposters get a default win.
  • If all imposters exit the game, the crewmates get a default win.

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