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How to get a custom Windows 10 alert

Apps that support notifications can alert you to specific events. If you install the Twitter app, for example, it can tell you when you’ve been mentioned in a tweet, in addition to other events. The notifications sent by these apps are of course limited to the app’s capabilities. The Twitter app can only ever send notifications about your Twitter activity and nothing else. If you need a custom Windows 10 alert that displays text you’ve preset, much like a reminder, you can use an app called Custom Notification 10 to do it.

Custom Windows 10 alert

Download Custom Notification 10 from the Microsoft Store. Run the app and fill in the Heading and Content fields with whatever you need the notification to say. Change when the notification should appear and how often it should be repeated. Once you set the notification text and time, you can close the app. The notification will not appear immediately. This is a limitation that Windows 10 has but once you get the first alert, you’ll get them periodically.

The developer advises that you not use the app for super important notifications. It appears to work reliably but if you don’t trust it, there are alternative methods you can use.


We should mention that Custom Notification 10 is limited in its capabilities. It can only show you one notification. The notification will repeat if you need it to and you can edit it whenever you want but there can only be one notification generated by the app.


If you need a free app that can send notifications via the Windows 10 notifications system, you can use Cortana. Cortana can, among other things, create and send you reminders however if you’re not a fan of Cortana, you can use PowerShell to get a custom toast notification. It’s a bit more work than the UI the app gives you but you can use it to send any number of notifications.

The PowerShell method is somewhat complicated but it is extremely flexible. It works with the Task Scheduler so you can create as many tasks that trigger any number of scripts. Everything from the text of the notification to the icon it uses can be customized and if you use it with the Task Scheduler, you can get the alert via a myriad of triggers.

You can also look for other reminder apps that can send you notifications. You may be opposed to using Cortana because it tends to be resource hungry but there are alternative, light-weight options out there.

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