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How to get alerts for Google Calendar events on Windows 10

Google Calendar doesn’t have an official desktop app for Windows 10. You can probably find third-party apps to fill in for an official app but the Calendar app on Windows 10 is about as good as any other app you might find. If you need to see alerts for Google Calendar events on Windows 10, the default Calendar app is an easy way to get them and you don’t have to install anything extra.

Google account

Before you can get alerts for Google Calendar events on Windows 10, you need to connect your Google account to the Calendar app. Open the Calendar app and click the cog wheel button in the column on the left. This will open a drawer on the right. Click the Manage Accounts option in the drawer. A pop-up will open listing types of accounts that you can add. Click the Google account option, and sign in with your Google Account.

Google Calendar Events

Once you’ve connected your Google account to Calendar, you will see a Gmail group of Calendars appear in the column on the left. Expand it and all the calendars that you’ve added in Google Calendar for that account will appear under it. If you want to exclude events for certain calendars, all you have to do is uncheck it from the group.

After adding your account to Calendar, give it a few seconds to sync. The app is a bit slow as far as syncing is concerned. Once it finishes syncing, your events should also be synced to it. For all synced events, Windows 10 will send you alerts when they are due.

If an event doesn’t appear in the calendar, click the more options button at the top right and select ‘Sync’ from the menu to force a sync. Normally, a new event should sync automatically in ten minutes but if it doesn’t, you can force a sync. The reminder will follow the same rules that you’ve set up on Google Calendar e.g., you can choose to get a reminder for an event a certain number of days before the actual event. The Windows 10 reminder will use those same settings to show you reminders for the event.

If you make any changes to an event in the Calendar app, they will sync to Google Calendar. For shared calendars i.e., calendars that other users have shared with you, you may not be able to make changes to events that you don’t own but outside of that, you will be able to manage events, and get alerts for them on your desktop.

If you’re a Linux user, you can sync Google Calendar to your Linux desktop as well.

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