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Get Complete Technical Details About Any Blog

IsMyBlogWorking is a free online service that lets you know whether a blog is working properly or not. It shows various information, such as, load time, compression, cache, burst speed, index information at Google and Bing, Robots.txt status, RSS status, and much more.

All you need to do is enter the complete blog URL and it will do the rest.

addictivetips working

It also provides additional options where you can validate your HTML, Feed, and check HTTP headers.

technical details

The main purpose of this site is to let webmasters know the complete status of their blogs. Users can also check out other blog’s status with this simple tool. The benefit is response time, for comparison you can check other blog’s page generation/fetch time and compare it with yours. If you find a blog’s response time to be best, you can use WhoIsHostingThis to find out it’s host. In this way it can also also assist you in finding the best hosting provider out there.



[via Ghacks]

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