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Gigaget – Alternative To DAP And Orbit Download Manager

After reading the title you must be wondering that Gigaget is just another Multi-threaded download manager, that’s exactly what I thought. But actually it calm to utilize Next Grid Technology, which means that the download would be 7-8 times faster than ordinary download managers. I gave it a try just to see just how fast they are talking about.

Since Orbit downloader is my personal favorite, I compared the download speed of Gigaget with it. We will talk about the results later, first a little review. Installation was same just like other download managers, just make sure you have checked the Enable Next Grid Technology checkbox. Once the installation is complete, it will automatically integrate itself into your default browser.

gigaget download managerCheck the download speed in the screenshot above

By default Gigaget utilizes 5 threads when downloading, this option can be found in Advanced section of Add New window.

gigaget download manager - add new

For comparison I used 5 threads in both download managers. Guess who won? You know…em..Orbit Downloader. For proof see screenshot below.

orbit download manager speed

Ofcourse the difference is only 7KB/s but the download speed went as high as 460kb/s on Orbit Downloader. Gigaget might not be the best, but you can certainly consider it an alternative to popular download managers such as, DAP, FlashGet, and Orbit Downloader. Who knows this so-called Next Grid Technology actually works on your side.

Download Gigaget

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Don’’t forget to check out Grab++ feature of Orbit Downloader. Enjoy!


  1. I don’t agree with you on this. I am a heavy use on 30 mbps internet in my university. Gigaget easily triples or more the speed of downloads compared to orbit and idm.. It is surprising.

  2. I think Orbit is working fine for me now. Moreover orbit is free too. But i would like to try Gigaget before saying anything about it.

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