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How To Get Large Taskbar Icons Without Changing The Resolution On Windows 10

HD displays are great and high resolutions look amazing. The only problem is that while it’s great to consume media on an HD display, using it isn’t always as easy if you’re typing a document. A high resolution often means small text that is difficult to read, and small icons that leave lots of empty space. The taskbar icons are a particular problem; if you have a high definition display, the icons will be small and they may be too small to see comfortably or click. You can get large Taskbar icons but still keep the same resolution for your screen with an app called 7+ Taskbar Tweaker.

Get Large Taskbar Icons

Download 7+ Taskbar Tweaker and run it. You can use the installable version, or the portable version. Run the app and right-click its title bar. Select Advanced Options from the context menu. This will open a new window with additional options.

Go to the OptionsEx tab and scroll through the many options listed there. Look for the w10_large_icons option, and set its Data value to 1.

You will see a change in the size of the taskbar icons right away. Click Ok, and minimize the app to the system tray.

The difference in icon size is noticeable and it will be an obvious improvement if you found the default size difficult to use. Unfortunately, the app has its limitations and those limitations are derived from the icon size that’s available on Windows 10. There is only one size that you can upgrade to. If it’s still too small for you to use comfortably, you will have to lower your screen resolution to make it work.

7+ Taskbar Tweaker supports multiple monitors in that when you change the size of the taskbar icons, they’re changed across all connected monitors. This of course means that if you only want large taksbar icons on one monitor and not the other, you have no recourse.

Windows 10 doesn’t allow users to do much with the taskbar. Any customization, beyond the color, requires third-party apps. If you want to center taskbar icons, or add a color or background to it that is different from the accent color, you will need third-party apps. The downside of all this is that to customize a small element like the taskbar, you need multiple apps. Not only is this impractical but not everyone has a system that can support running that many apps and still manage routine apps without slowing down.

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  1. Iam looking for a solution to a problem and sadly, this program doenst help. i went from a 1080p display to a 1440p monitor. the 1080p is now my second screen. running windows on 1440p makes the taskbar way smaler in hight. this program only changes the size of the application items running but nothing else, meaning, the windows clock and the systray icon are so smal that they look bad. even the loudsness symbol lost its “audio wave” symbol because its too smal. the internet said, use scaling, which doenst work since windows scales BOTH display at the same time, making the 1080p look like its running on 1,78 maginification. a problem like this shouldnt be a thing in 2021

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