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How To Get The New macOS Mojave Dynamic Wallpaper On Windows 10

Dynamic wallpapers are a new feature introduced in the newest version of macOS; Mojave. This feature changes the wallpaper throughout the day. The image itself remains the same however there are variations of it available that show a different time of day. The one image that was showcased at WWDC 2018 has 16 other images that will change throughout the day if you have Mojave. If you want though, you can get the new macOS Mojave dynamic wallpaper on Windows 10 and have it change through out the day.

SPOILER ALERT: Scroll down and watch the video tutorial at the end of this article.

macOS Mojave Dynamic Wallpaper

You can download the wallpaper Apple showcased at WWDC 2018 here. Download and extract the zipped file. You will notice that they are numbered. The file has a total of 16 other files in it that should change throughout the day. They are HD files that should scale to fit your screen however, you can resize them if you want before you proceed.

Set Up Wallpaper Slideshow

Open the Settings app and go to the Personalization group of settings. Select the Background tab. Under the current background, you will see a dropdown. Open it and select Slideshow.

Once you selected Slideshow, you can select which folder Widows 10 should use images from for the slideshow. Pick the folder that you extracted the macOS wallpaper to. Next, under the folder selection you will see how often the image is meant to change. Set it to one hour and you have dynamically changing wallpapers.

This built-in slideshow method has its limitations i.e. there are 16 images that must be changed every 1 hour so you can imagine that it will quickly go out of sync as it runs through out the day.

Schedule Wallpaper Change

If you’re up for a little more effort, try an app called Wallpaper Change Scheduler. It lets you specify what time of day to change an image. It will take a little time to set up but this is much closer to replicating the dynamic wallpaper from Mojave.

Download and run the app. Allow it to add itself to the startup folder. Click the Add Event button and select ‘Daily’ from the trigger dropdown. Next, select what time the first wallpaper should change and then select the wallpaper you want to use for that time of day from the Browse button. Give this event a name, and you’re done. Repeat for the remaining 15 wallpapers.

You should time the wallpaper change with sunset, noon, and sunrise in your city to best replicate the feature. The Wallpaper Change Scheduler app will run constantly in the background to change the wallpaper on schedule and while it doesn’t have a major impact on the system’s resources, it will nevertheless slow things down on older hardware.

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