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How To Get Night Mode In Microsoft Edge In Windows 10

Windows 10 has a dark theme. It’s applied very sparsely across the UI but most stock apps like TV & Movies, and Groove are compatible. Surprisingly, Edge isn’t. If it were, it would have been the only mainstream browser to have a night mode but if there’s a ball to be dropped, Microsoft will drop it. The good news is, you can get Night Mode in Microsoft Edge with an extension called Turn Off The Lights.

Turn Off The Lights is, at its core, an extension that dims everything on page with a media player and lets you watch a video in theater mode. Extensions like this are pretty common for other browsers but not so much for Edge. It also has a night mode which lets you select the background, text, and hyperlink color for websites.

Night Mode In Microsoft Edge

Download Turn Off The Lights. We tested this extension out on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update running Microsoft Edge version 41.16299.334.0, and there were a few hiccups.

Install the app and enable it by clicking the more options button at the top right, and going to Extensions in the side panel. Once it’s enabled, it will add a light bulb button next to the address bar. This button toggles the Night mode in Microsoft Edge. The extension says a different button will be added to control it but as per tests, that button never appeared. We used the bulb button to enable Night Mode.

There is some setting up involved though so here’s what you need to do. Go to the extension’s settings. On the left, select ‘Night mode’. You’ll see three boxes, each filled with a color and you want to change the background color immediately. Change it from the default black to a grey. A little trial and error is going to be involved here. Once you’re done, open a website and click the bulb button to apply the night mode.

That’s how it works. Unfortunately, there are hiccups. For one, every time you navigate to a new page, or you open a new tab, the night mode filter isn’t already applied. You’re going to get a shock of white before it’s dimmed by the extension. It’s not seamless the way it should be which is a shame.

You can use the whitelist option on this same tab and enable night mode for a particular domain to curb the problem on your most frequently visited websites but beyond that, there’s nothing that you can do.

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