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Glass Notepad – A Transparent Notepad For Windows 7

If you switched over to Windows 7  and found all the shiny new looks except the notepad, then this post is for you. Glass Notepad is a free portable notepad for Windows that is similar to the default notepad but is only transparent. It has a slick eye-candy look that might appeal to most users.

glass transparent notepad

It basically adds the Aero theme to give it a more modern look. Apart from the basic menus, it also includes an Insert menu where you can add the date, time, or a custom symbol.

character map symbols notepad

So if you are using Windows 7 or Vista and are bored of the default notepad, then give this new slick notepad a try. Enjoy!

[Via AskVG]


  1. Great… but the one thing that i want to ask …..where is the download link dude???? how to download this app…??

  2. i downloaded the glass notepad but when i open a text file it still shows up as the default, how can i fix it where it opens with glass

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