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Scott’s Gmail Alert – A Handy Gmail Notifier

Now there is no need to keep your Gmail account or Google talk logged in all the time, Scott’s Gmail Alert is a handy tool that provides an alert whenever you receive a new email in your Gmail account. This tool stays in the system tray and once you receive an email, it opens a small notification window and by clicking the window you are taken to your Gmail account. It can monitor up to five Gmail accounts and each account can be configured to have its own color. It is very easy to send the emails directly from the Gmail Alert tool without having to login to the respective Gmail account  and you may add signatures for the out going emails.

It has some rich set of features, such as, it shows the unread messages count after a particular interval, gives sound alerts for the new messages, pauses messages on screen for easier reading, sends quick emails in response to messages, etc. Upon the first launch it lets you configure your Gmail account, the first account is called the Primary account, additional accounts may be configured from the Account 2, Account 3 buttons and the alert color and alert text can be set up from Alert color and Text color buttons respectively, once done with the settings click OK and it will start monitoring your account(s) for new emails.

Gmail Alert

Alert settings can be done from the Alerts tab, Options tab lets you set common preferences, and the sound settings can be changed from the Sounds tab. You can check for its new available updated version by clicking the Updates button.

New Email

Download Scott’s Gmail Alert

It is compatible with almost all web browsers and all versions of Microsoft Windows, including the latest Windows 7. For Ubuntu users, checkgmail does the same job, Enjoy!

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  • Hello. Scott’s Gmail Alert is now even better then ever with version 4.0. Please try it out!

  • Lucy

    Scott’s Gmail Alert is a terrific Gmail notifier. Hard to believe Google could not have come up with this. Thank you Scott!

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  • Scott

    Hello, Version 5 is now out and is even better then version 4 was! http://ga.graphicport.net

  • Thomas

    Hi, i am just wondering why my anti virus program gave me this message when i uninstall this program….

    Full Path: Not Available
    On computers as of:
    9/24/2011 at 9:12:36 PM
    Last Used:
    9/24/2011 at 9:12:36 PM
    Startup Item:
    Very Few Users
    Fewer than 5 users in the Norton Community have used this file.
    This file risk is high.
    Threat Details
    SONAR Protection monitors for suspicious program activity on your computer.
    Downloaded from URL Not Available

    Source File:
    File Created:
    File Created:
    File Created:
    File Actions
    File: c:\users\thomas\appdata\local\temp\uninst1.exe
    System Settings Actions
    Event: PE file creation: c:\users\thomas\appdata\local\temp\gentee01\gentee.dll (Performed by c:\users\thomas\appdata\local\temp\uninst1.exe, PID:7388)
    No action taken
    File Thumbprint – SHA:
    Not Available
    File Thumbprint – MD5:
    Not Available

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