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Google Voice Desktop Notification Apps

Just like Google Wave, Google Voice has generated quite a buzz across the world. Google aims to change the way we communicate and since it is becoming more and more common, there are reasons why Google Voice must be on the desktop.

We are going to review two Google Voice desktop apps, their functionalities differ slightly but further work needs to be done on them before we can call them stable releases.

Google Voice Adobe AIR App

Google Voice Adobe Air app is the first application to bring Google Voice to desktop. Since it is developer on Adobe Air platform, it can be used on Windows, Mac, and Linux. All voicemails, SMS, placed called, received calls, and missed calls can be accessed from it’s simple user interface. You can also place a quick call or send an SMS. Apart from the Inbox tab, you can also browse the contacts, search, and change settings.

Google Voice adobe air

Download Google Voice Adobe Air App


GVNotifier.net is an eye-candy Google Voice app notifier that works straight from the taskbar system tray. It can be used for two purpose only Send/Receive SMS and Calling. One of the biggest downside of this app is the lack of Contacts integration. Otherwise having said that, it is a great notification tool.

google voice sms window

You can right-click the system tray to access the favorites list.

google voice favorities

gvnotifier notification

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, but is recommended that you run it with Aero enabled on Vista and Windows 7.

Download GVNotifier.net


Google Voice adobe air app seems more complete, but lacks the proper taskbar notification features, while GVNotifier.net is a small app that works entirely from system tray and works as a great call/sms notifier. The adobe air app though, has the advantage for cross-compatibility.

We believe that Google will release their own official Google Voice Notifier in future just like they released the GMail Notifier app. Until an app doesn’t come out officially, you can use any of the above mentioned tools. Enjoy!


  1. gvnotifer – yet another .NET app for win7/Vista only. Yawn. Can’t people make win32 executables anymore?

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