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How do I join a PUBG test server

PUBG adds new features to the game all the time. New challenges are introduced periodically to keep the game from becoming stale. Before new features can be released though, they have to be tested and PUBG is too massive for in-house testing to be enough. That’s why it has test servers. Players can choose to play on the test server and try the features out.

PUBG Test server

You can join the PUBG test server from a mobile device or from your PC. In case you’re joining it from a PC, you will need to install a different app from Steam. It’s free to install. If you’re joining from a mobile device though, you will need to get an invite code and it may take considerable time to arrive.

Join PUBG test server – PC

In order to join PUBG test server on a PC, you must already own the stable version of PUBG. You will then have to install the test server and access it via the main game.

  1. Open Steam.
  2. Launch PUBG from your library.
  3. Once you’re in the lobby, go to Games.
  4. Look for test server and select it.
  5. The test server will download (this may take considerable time).
  6. Once installed, select it to play the test server.

Note: you will create a new character on the test server and gameplay will be separate from the game you play on the stable server.

Join PUBG test server – mobile

Getting the mobile PUBG test server isn’t easy. You can download the APK from one of the many sites that host it online but it’s a risk. You can join PUBG mobile Discord here and request other players to send you an invite or link to the files.

The key is getting a code and not everyone gets one. It is strictly invite only and it’s given to more experienced players. The only way around it is to get one through another player that already has access to it.

To join the test server you will have to enter the code you’ve received. 

  1. Open PUBG on your mobile or tablet.
  2. Go to Events>Recommended.
  3. Tap Test Server.
  4. Enter the code and you’ll be in.


Joining the PUBG beta isn’t easy. If you’re playing on a PC, it may be easier to get in but the beta is for players who more familiar with the game, and who play more regularly. Casual players who log in once a week or less often aren’t likely to get a direct invite but it can never hurt to ask for on in the PUBG Discord.

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