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How To Add Apps For Websites In Windows 10

Smartphones rely on dedicated apps to deliver a superior user experience on a smaller device. You could never use Facebook on your Android phone or iPhone if you were forced to do so via your mobile browser. Dedicated apps for services like Netflix and social networks like Facebook are becoming a thing on desktops as well. An official desktop app for both Facebook and Twitter has been released for Windows 10. The Creators Update for Windows 10 comes with a new feature to make using these apps all the more convenient. It’s called ‘Apps for websites’ and it lets you open specific websites in the apps you have installed. For example, you can have all Facebook links you open in your browser automatically open in the Facebook app. Here’s how to add apps for websites in Windows 10.

To view apps configured for websites, open the Settings app and go to the brand new ‘Apps’ group of settings. Select the ‘Apps for websites’ tab. You will see a list of all websites and the apps they are associated with here.

Add Apps For Websites

This is something entirely out of a user’s control. When you install an app that can open all links of a particular domain, the association is automatically added. This makes sense because the app in question must be able to open the website you assign it. You cannot, for example, expect the Facebook app to open links from Quora.

To add apps for websites, you need only install them but the app itself must support this feature. Facebook for Windows supports it but Twitter for Windows does not (at present).

Remove Apps For Websites

To stop an app from being opened when you visit a particular website, simply open the Settings app and go to Apps>Apps for websites and turn off the website associated with a particular app. One app might open several websites e.g. the Facebook app opens facebook.com, www.facebook.com, and m.facebook.com. For each domain, there is a separate switch that you can turn Off giving you complete control over how the links are treated.


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