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How to add Google Calendar to Outlook

Google Calendar works with all desktop and web based email clients. Outlook is able to connect to any and all types of email services. It stands to reason that data can be synced between the two.

Google Calendar to Outlook

Outlook is both an email service and a desktop app. The desktop app, and the web app allow you to connect other, non-Outlook and non-Microsoft emails. You can receive emails from other accounts in Outlook which is great if you like its features. In addition to email, it will also sync events from Google Calendar.

That said, if you only want to add events from Google Calendar to Outlook, but do not want to add the email account, you can do that as well. Here’s how.

Add Google Calendar to Outlook

In order to add a Google Calendar to Outlook, without signing the related Google account into Outlook, you need to add the calendar as a feed.

  1. Open Google Calendar. 
  2. In the column on the left, click the more options button next to the calendar you want to add.
  3. Select Settings and sharing.
  4. On the Settings snd Sharing screen, scroll down to the Integrate Calendar section.
  5. Look for the Secret address in iCal format field. 
  6. Copy the address to your cliboard.

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Go to File>Account Settings>Account Settings.
  3. Select the Internet Calendars tab.
  4. Click New.
  5. Enter the copied address in the address field. 
  6. Click Add.
  7. The calendar will be added and you will be able to view your Google Calendar events in Outlook.

Since you’re pulling information directly from Google Calendar, any new events that you add to the calendar will automatically sync to Outlook. You must open Outlook to sync the events. You do not need to sign in to your Google account and this method does not force you to make the calendar public. 


Google Calendar offers some of the best interoperability between apps. It doesn’t try to block other apps from interacting with it and freely allows data to sync to them if they have the mechanism set up for it. Not only can you sync all events from one or all your Google Calendar calendars to Outlook, you can also download your entire Google Calendar in ZIP format. If a desktop client allows it, this exported ZIP file can be imported giving you a complete history of all the events in your Google Calendar. Remember that a single Google Calendar account has several calendars under it. Make sure you add the correct one.

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