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How To Apply Prisma Filters To Photos From The Desktop

Prisma is an iOS and Android app that applies breathtakingly beautiful filters to your photos. The photos come out looking like works of art. The app boasts of an AI that analyzes and applies the filters to photos to create the visually stunning works of art. Prisma had quickly become popular and you have likely seen a ton of the photos created by Prisma users in your Instagram feed. If you want to use the app from your desktop though there is no official app for it. What you need to look for is a work-around which is just what we have. Prisma bot is a Telegram bot that will let you apply Prisma filters to a photo from your desktop. You don’t need to have Telegram installed on your system. The web version of Telegram works just as well but you do need to have an account on Telegram. Here’s how the bot works.

Visit the link at the end of this post and add Prisma bot to Telegram. Click ‘Start’ to begin interacting with it. The bot will not list all Prisma filters for you and if you upload a photo without selecting which filter to apply, the bot will randomly apply one.

To select filters, type and send /filters to the bot. It will list 1-2 filters. Click ‘See more filters’ to view more. Click the ‘Use filter… ‘ option under a filter to select it.

prisma filters

Next, send Prisma bot a photo. It can be anything and there are no restrictions on the image size. We gave it a picture of Pikachu. The bot, like the apps, will take a little time to apply the filter. Click the image the bot generates and save it to your desktop.

applied filter

Here’s the image we got. We compressed and resized it for the post but the quality wasn’t compromised and the filter was applied flawlessly.


You no longer need to copy/move all your amazing HD photos to an iOS or Android device to apply a Prisma filter. The bot works great though we wouldn’t say no to a quick command for telling it exactly which filter to use. It would be much quicker than having to select a filter from a long list.

Add Prisma Bot To Telegram

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  • It seems it does not work anymore. Stuck on ‘Your file is processing’ since last 20 minutes or so. Maybe Prisma is overloaded and I should try again, later.

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