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How To Use Revive And Potion In Pokèmon Go

When you visit Pokèstops, you receive among other things revive and potions. Potions is the purplish spray bottle thing, and Revive is the yellow three dimensional tetrahedron.  Once you level up, you will almost always get one of the two from a Pokèstop. In our personal experience a ‘Revive’ is dropped far less often than a ‘Potion’. Tapping these items inside your inventory doesn’t do much so you might be wondering what they are for. Both in-game items are useful for players who enter battles. The Potion and Revive are meant to help defeated Pokèmon restore their health and regain consciousness. Here’s how to use both.

The Potion revives health i.e. the Pokèmon’s HP. The Revive restores a Pokèmon that has fainted. A Pokèmon faints when its HP is reduced to zero. Thankfully, Pokèmon don’t die in the game but if your Pokèmon has fainted, you need to first revive it and then restore its HP.

In order to use either of these items, you must first have a weakened or fainted Pokèmon. To get one, just enter a gym battle that you have no chance of winning. This is what a weakened Pokèmon looks like in the Pokèmon drawer. Notice how low the HP is. It isn’t at zero so you can’t use revive on this one.


After a battle, tap the Pokèball and tap Items. Tap Revive first and all the Pokèmon that fainted during battle will appear here. All have zero HP. The Revive will also restore some of their HP. Tap the Pokèmon you want to revive. A little heart badge appears around the Pokèmon to show that the revive has been applied.

Once you’ve revived all your Pokèmon, return to the items list and tap Potions. Here you can see how much of the Pokèmon’s HP has been revived. If you want more detailed stats, visit the Pokèmon in the Pokèmon tab. To use the Potion, simply tap the Pokèmon you want to restore HP to. Again, a heart badge will appear around the Pokèmon to show that it has been applied.

revive-pokemon pokemon-go-potion

The higher the HP of a Pokèmon, the more potions you will need to restore its full HP. The Revive is usually only needed one per Pokèmon as per our own playing experience. You cannot use either one of these during a battle to keep a Pokèmon fighting longer.

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