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How To Convert Real Media(RM/RMVB) File To Other Video/Audio Formats

RealMedia is a propriety format developed by RealNetworks, the parent company behind the popular RealPlayer. The extension of RealMedia is .rm and it can only be played in RealPlayer. RealPlayer is now almost obsolete but there are many users who are left with RMVB video files that are in RealMedia format which cannot be opened in any other media player. The options for them is to either stick with RealPlayer or convert them to other video formats so they can be played on their third party media player of choice.

The above is not only true for media players; numerous devices and applications don’t support RealMedia file formats, this is where file converters come in to help. So far I have tried to convert many real media files to both video and audio formats using numerous tools but failed to get good results. RMVB Converter is a powerful real media file converter that seamlessly converts to other popular video and audio formats without compromising on quality.

real media file converter

All you have to do is select the source file, the output folder, the output format and hit Convert.

The following options are present as Output format; MP4 (MPEG4), AVI (MPEG2), DivX (Digital Video Express), Xvid, H.264/AVC, WMV (Windows Media Video), WMV (Xbox 360), FLV (Flash Video), MP4 (Sony PSP), MOV (QuickTime), 3GP (Mobile Phone) and finally MP3 (Audio Only).

If you want to convert a video to audio file, select the option given under Output Video Format and hit Convert. It will automatically rip the audio from RMVB video and convert it.

What is interesting is that, unlike other tools, this app does not require you to have RealPlayer installed, for it can work without it. Add to that the fact that it can also convert to WMV format, allowing you to play videos instantly on your Xbox 360 system, and this tool becomes a must-have for everyone.

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