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How To Convert Your GPS Log Into Google Earth Compatible KML File

KML Generator is a free utility that reads your GPS log file containing NMEA string data and creates a Google Earth compatible KML file from it. You can then later import this KML file into Google Earth and see the full information with details, you will be able to check your travelled destination, the path you took and much more. This tool can also generate CSV file.

All you have to do is browse the GPS log file and enter it in this program, it will automatically read it and show you the details as you can see in the screenshot below.

kml generator main window

You can change the title, description, track name, color, width, etc and set other options such has data points, max speed point, start/end points, and altitude. Clicking the Summary tab will show you further data(see screenshot below).

kml generator summary window

You can also view the graphs drawn between Speed, Distance, and Altitude.

kml generator graph window

Finally when you import this KML data to your Google Earth you will be able to see the the whole track.

google earth kml file Click the image above to enlarge.

The complete details, along with the stops made, and the start/stop destination can be seen in Google Earth along with more details. Enjoy!

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