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How To Control VLC And Winamp Media Player With ‘Media Keyboard’

Multimedia Keyboards are those which contains some additional keys to control Videos/Music and open programs such as Email. These buttons work great with Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center but they fail to work with 3rd party media players such as VLC and Winamp. That’s probably because these media players don’t support such keyboards. Media Keyboard 2 is a free tool that adds multimedia keyboard support to these unsupported media players.

The complete list of media players that it supports are: Xion, VLC Media Player, XMPlay, Winamp Classic, FreeAMP, Zinf, and 1by1.

All you need to do is run the program and that’s it. No extra setting are required.

media keyboard 2

It has some basic options such as showing the program in system tray or starting this program during Windows startup.

Ofcourse if you are using VLC Media Player then you probably can use HotKeys too, but if you have a multimedia keyboard then using the media buttons made specifically to control media playback can give a little peace of mind. Enjoy!


  1. I have VLC 1.3, and it doesn't work with this version.

    It works with Itunes, so it is installed and everything.

    Any help?

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