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How To Create Exceptions(Allow Programs And Ports) In Windows 7 / Vista Firewall

The Windows 7 and Vista firewall blocks most of the ports and software from getting into your computer. There are a number of new features which make it a much more reliable solution which offers a decent protection level but sometimes you need to allow access to a port or program. While some exceptions are set up automatically by Windows 7 and Vista, others have to be configured manually, this guide will show you how to open a port or let a certain program through the firewall.

Allow A Program

First, click Start and enter the Control Panel


In the Control Panel window, click on Allow a program through Windows Firewall. This will take you to the Windows Firewall Settings window.


Now from here, go to the Exceptions tab.


As you can see in the above screenshot, here you will have a long list with all the defined exceptions. The ones which are checked are active exceptions. If you want to know more about a defined exception, select the particular exception and then click on Properties.


To add an exception, locate the program from the list, highlight it and click OK.

Allow A Port

Many times a port is not listed under Program or Port in the Windows Firewall Settings box. To open a Port, Click on the Add port option in Exception tab of Windows Firewall.


Now type a name for the port that will be easily understood later and then type the port number. Afterwards, select the appropriate protocol and click on OK.

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