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How To Customize The News Feed In Microsoft Edge Browser In Windows 10

A few days ago we touched on how to remove the widgets from the New Tab page in Microsoft’s Ege browser that ships in Windows 10. The solution is definitely very restrictive.  The widgets are basically news items, a weather report, and score cards for ongoing sporting events but since they are live web content, and things like the weather and the score for a live game will always be fetched fresh, the new tab page takes time to load. For anyone quickly wanting to get right down to browsing, this means more waiting so there’s a way to turn it off. For those that don’t mind the wait, but would like to see more relevant news in the New Tab page, here’s how you can customize what type of news you see.

Open the New Tab page and just above the suggested web site tiles, you will see a Customize option. Click on it.


On the next screen, make sure you’ve selected, ‘Top sites and my news feed’. Next, select the language you want to get news in.

Microsoft Edge-customize

Below the language selection, you will see categories for selecting what type of content you see on the new tab page. You have six very limited categories to choose from and I’m disappointed that Technology isn’t one of the categories that are available. It goes without saying that the categories are underwhelming and I’m sure if something as big as technology is missing, there are topics that are of interest to other people but that I’m not aware of, are missing too.

Microsoft Edge-news-select

Click the categories you want to see content for and then click Save for the change to take effect.

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  • Independent Latino

    How do I change Microsoft Edge’s Default Newsfeed which says it is “powered by MSN” (I don’t want biased news)? I can’t get an answer I’ll just disable the news feed.

    • autarchical1

      Yes, I’m not going to have the crap they select forced on me. If I can’t customize it to fit my needs, I wont use their stuff. They intentionally make it difficult to change and that makes me mad.

    • Early bird

      I’ve recently just became aware of how difficult it is to change this option on the browser. It pisses me off, too. For me, its not that the news is biased (ALL NEWS HAS AN AMOUNT OF BIAS–its always been like that), its just that I constantly get bombarded with topics regarding Trump. I believe, his administration and the media (do NOT think that they are not in bed together on this) has embedded him deeply into the media; his administration wants to shut down the internet—and to soften the resistance, they are working on getting people so sick of his crap that they will tune him out on their own.

      • Actually, the news is far more biased to an overall anti-Trump, and pro-communist, pro-globalist, anti-American agenda.

      • John Clabo

        ….everyone is entitled to an opinion but are you REALLY trying to tell me that the media (MSN-based MEDIA!!) is in ANY WAY shape or form biased TOWARDS Trump? lol

      • ruggerd

        perhaps you need to focus on actually educating yourself. Trump isn’t trying to shut down any news. He is trying to stop fake news. Big difference that you clearly can’t discern. The media on the other hand has a decided and clear bias against Trump and nearly every single article is not about trump…..it’s something negative about trump. I appreciate your intent but your assessment of the problem couldn’t be more clueless

  • Robert Grey

    I don’t know but when you find out let me know. MSN terrible.

  • Axolotl

    Sorry, doesn’t work. You can neither change nor delete any of those stupid “Top Sites.”

  • G Man

    I’m going to use chrome.

  • Lookin4Some65

    MSN sucks. Almost as bad (and biased) as CNN…

  • Undecider

    I’d prefer an archaic Windows classic look that has none of the disinformation bells and whistles.

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  • Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

    I have the exact same question. I don’t want the bass MSM and liberal Microsoft has got me feeding from their liberal news.

    • Early bird

      All new is biased and it always has been. I just don’t want to read anything about the next stupid thing our President does.

      • Tee

        Since all American Presidents make news, may I suggest you only view home and garden sites or some such similar site . Stay away from news. Or, here is a novel idea, don’t click the link. .Your irritation with the president tis not interesting and extremely boring. .

      • ruggerd

        you mean like getting North Korea to the table to possibly end the war and get rid of nuclear weapons. Yeah. Or how about all those jobs, yup, just as I thought earlier. You are a moron.

  • Chris

    This MSM Microsoft news is propaganda corporate globalist news to purposely dumb Americans down. Only Milliennials they had already socially engineered would tolerate this ..

  • Early bird

    It’s interesting that shutting off specific new feeds is becoming a demand in protection for sanity.

  • christopher osborne

    spent time looking into this and now I can’t get that time back. I wish I read these comments before I wasted my time. I don’t like bias one way or the other. I don’t like Entertainment news. Who cares what celebrities are doing? I don’t care about hot topics that are bogus stories. I see some of these comments have been on here for years and it looks like MSN does not care about anything but their own ideas. WOW. years and nothing looks to have changed from other comments that I have read.

  • Tee

    HATE this stupid page that only links to liberal lying BS news.

  • Dialogos68

    MS Edge is yet another globalist shill Anti-Trump news feed! Globalism is about the financial elites (like MS and Google) moving jobs and wealth from democracies to slave wage dictatorships via NAFTA and TPP. The financial elites and dictators grow more powerful and the democracies become weaker. This is our World in 2017 and what Trump and his supporters are wanting to reverse!

  • luckyintheorder

    A steady dose of Wapo, nyt and usa today turns my stomach.

  • David Curtis

    It says it is “my feed” but It is really “their feed” They feed me what they want. Microsoft Please fix it so we can ad our own widgets to our feed and actually make it ours and not yours.

  • BRiT_CHiCK


  • sparkyboy2

    Liberal or Conservative, please Microsoft/MSN/Edge, allow customization to tilt the news sources that are more in tune with an individuals point of view? MSN is definitely NOT the answer and until Microsoft’s engineers can come up with a solution I’ll stick to Chrome.

  • Edward Sweeney

    is there some way to eliminate anything to do with Kim Kardasian from the news feed?