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How To Customize The News Feed In Microsoft Edge Browser In Windows 10

A few days ago we touched on how to remove the widgets from the New Tab page in Microsoft’s Ege browser that ships in Windows 10. The solution is definitely very restrictive.  The widgets are basically news items, a weather report, and score cards for ongoing sporting events but since they are live web content, and things like the weather and the score for a live game will always be fetched fresh, the new tab page takes time to load. For anyone quickly wanting to get right down to browsing, this means more waiting so there’s a way to turn it off. For those that don’t mind the wait, but would like to see more relevant news in the New Tab page, here’s how you can customize what type of news you see.

Open the New Tab page and just above the suggested web site tiles, you will see a Customize option. Click on it.


On the next screen, make sure you’ve selected, ‘Top sites and my news feed’. Next, select the language you want to get news in.

Microsoft Edge-customize

Below the language selection, you will see categories for selecting what type of content you see on the new tab page. You have six very limited categories to choose from and I’m disappointed that Technology isn’t one of the categories that are available. It goes without saying that the categories are underwhelming and I’m sure if something as big as technology is missing, there are topics that are of interest to other people but that I’m not aware of, are missing too.

Microsoft Edge-news-select

Click the categories you want to see content for and then click Save for the change to take effect.

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